Decatur’s First Traffic Circle

Posted by August 24, 2013

Decatur's First Traffic Circle

Work crews poured concrete Saturday morning for Decatur’s first traffic circle.

The traffic circle, also called a roundabout, is at Ponce de Leon Place and Oakland Street in the Clairemont neighborhood behind the First Baptist Church of Decatur.

The circle is part of the traffic calming measures the city installed at the request of residents, who complained about speeding cars.

The city has also installed “bulb-outs” at several intersections and improved sidewalk connections.

No word on what will be put in the middle of the traffic circle. Any ideas?


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  • There’s one over kinda near Emory. I found it by accident when I got lost one day. (I don’t drive down in Atlanta much.)

    Maybe that’s not in Decatur? #uneducatedinthegeography

    • Emory’s traffic circle has been around awhile. It’s Decaturish, and therefore appropriate for reference purposes. 🙂

  • Kel Kelly

    So they can’t pave the roads but they can do this?

    • Kel, I’m a little unfamiliar with what you’re talking about. Is somebody not paving roads around here? And, if they’re not, why aren’t they? Any links would be helpful, too. Thanks!

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