Community links: Oh boy! A new title pawn store!

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt October 1, 2013

Yes, there’s no surer harbinger of a reemerging middle class than the opening of a new title pawn store.

TitleMax will soon open its newest store, located about 8 miles away on Wesley Chapel Road.

We are a market in dire need of more locations where we can obtain small loans by borrowing against the value of our cars. I looked at the store locator on the TitleMax website and noticed a serious deficit. We have little more than three dozen locations within a 20 mile radius. 

It’s about time we had more options for ruining our credit rating.

– Decatur Metro reports that a road safety audit for North Decatur Road recommends a “diet” to reduce the road’s lanes. North Decatur Road is currently a waist size 48 but would like to get to a 34 in time for beach season.

– Is developer Jeff Fuqua screwing with people about the Decatur Crossing project? Sure sounds like it, according to Creative Loafing. CL reports that neighborhood opposition is turning the proposed Decatur Crossing development into a more “conventional” project.

“It’s moving from high-density, mixed-use to a more conventional development,” Fuqua tells CL. “[It’s becoming] what everyone opposes intown [with my other projects].”

– DeKalb County Commissioner Stan Watson is joining with local churches for a 5K in support of breast cancer treatment, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

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  • Eric

    Such arrogance. Just because you don’t need a TitleMax doesn’t mean others don’t. Millions of people without your resources survive using these types of businesses. I don’t like them either; they are usurious and people get in an endless cycle of debt. But what other option do they have? Banks won’t touch them, and it’s doubtful they have family to borrow from. And the last thing they care about is their credit rating. They are just trying to keep themselves and their families afloat.

    • I think perhaps you missed the sarcasm. I dislike these businesses for the same reasons you do. Thanks for your comments, though.

      • Eric

        I didn’t miss it. I just felt it was misplaced.

  • Greg

    Is developer Jeff Fuqua screwing with people about the Walmart project?

    The owner/developer of the Suburban Plaza Walmart proposal is Selig. Fuqua’s Decatur Crossing is across the street from Suburban Plaza. Is listening to the community and changing the plan to accommodate community preferences “screwing with people”?

    • By gum, you’re right. I did confuse this project with the one across the street. Thank you for catching this and correcting me.

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