POLL: Decatur splits moratorium on tear downs, tree removal

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt October 18, 2013

Just got an update from city of Decatur officials.

They say a proposed moratorium on tearing down single family homes and removing trees will now be considered as two separate ordinances at Monday’s City Commission meeting.

“This proposal was initially made available on October 14, 2013 as a single ordinance,” the city’s Decatur Minute blog says. “However, after public review and feedback, the two issues have been separated into individual ordinances that can be discussed and acted upon separately.”

To read both ordinances, click here.

Now that the city’s separated the two, I think that’s worth separating the poll questions.

[polldaddy poll=7488219]

[polldaddy poll=7488224]

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  • Maybe we can establish a neighbourhood comprised entirely of trees instead of people!

    • I’m pretty sure they have one like that in California somewhere. πŸ™‚

      • Merry Blackburn

        Heh. I think those are called “forests.” There are still a few of them in Georgia, too, if you know where to look. πŸ™‚

  • Wesley Cauthen

    Maybe we can establish a neighborhood with virtually no trees at all!

    Oh wait, that’s Alpharetta. Maybe you’d be happier there, Ted.

    • Alpharetta looked pretty well-treed last time I checked.

  • JBurger

    Republicans love cutting down old growth trees and demolishing anything historic with character or charm. If one wants to live in an uncreative boring McMansion with no trees for their mothership to land, move to Alpharetta.

    • Dang

      Why make this political with statements that are ridiculous? This is about Decatur which is a very diverse community and has varying degrees of thoughts and opinions.

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