O’Neil’s Pick Six – 10-11-2013

Posted by Decaturish.com October 11, 2013

Well this feature is off to a heck of a start. Hopefully none of you read last week’s post where I successfully predicted two out of six games. In my defense, I could have just as easily gone 4-2 if East Carolina put up one more point and Louisville didn’t make ridiculous mistake after ridiculous mistake in the last five or so minutes of their game, but that’s sports for ya.

But enough excuses. Here are the six picks that will restore your faith in me. Or, if I come out as dismally as last week, you can come back here and play the opposite of what I recommend for an all-but-guaranteed win!

The Broncos will feast on the salty tears of Jacksonville's defense Sunday.

The Broncos will feast on the salty tears of Jacksonville’s defense Sunday.

Colts -1.5 at Chargers – The Chargers just aren’t good. With Ryan Matthews out, their offense will be well-handled by a decent Colts D, and I see Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton having a lot of fun on the big stage Monday night.

Broncos -26.5 v. Jaguars – This one is just too much fun to pass on. Here are some stats to justify the ridiculous amount of NFL points the Broncos need to score; Denver is the best team Jacksonville has faced all year. Jacksonville is the worst team the Broncos (or any of their other opponents) will face all year. The Jags average just over 10 points per game, while Denver averages 46 points a week against far better teams. God I wish I had Payton on my fantasy team…

BYU -7 v. Georgia Tech РLast year BYU swatted the bumble bees at Georgia Tech.  This year a better BYU gets home field advantage against an arguably worn-out Georgia Tech. Maybe buy the half to be safe, but I can easily see BYU by 10.

Oklahoma -13.5 @ Texas – My boss is a huge Texas fan, and he hangs his head and tells me to bet against them week after week. Last year Oklahoma brutally destroyed the Longhorns 63-21, and with Texas QB David Ash still out with a concussion, I expect a No. 12-ranked Oklahoma to do some big things Saturday.

Oregon -13.5 v. Washington U. – Oregon hasn’t scored fewer than 55 points all year. Excepting a 56-0 shut of of Idaho State (which I think might be a freshman high school team), the Huskies haven’t broken 40. Oregon is the best team Washington has played, and the Huskies are¬†certainly not the best the Ducks have faced.

Texas A&M's offense will tear apart the Rebel defenses like a Death Star through Alderaan Saturday.

Texas A&M’s offense will tear apart the Rebel defenses like a Death Star through Alderaan Saturday.

Texas A&M -6 at Ole Miss – Trust in Johnny Football to win this one by at least a TD. A&M will tear apart the Rebel defenses like a Death Star through Alderaan (anybody?) and walk away with at least 8 points over Ole Miss.

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