(VIDEO) City Schools of Decatur Board of Education forum

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt October 23, 2013

Serving on a local school board has got to be one of the most thankless tasks imaginable, but miraculously candidates step forward every four years.

Their interest in local schools is commendable. There are few things more important than education.

On Oct. 22, candidates for the City Schools of Decatur Board of Education attended a forum at the Church at Decatur Heights. Mark Arnold and Lewis Jones, who are running for the seat currently held by outgoing Decatur School Board Chairman Marc Wisniewski, attended. Unopposed candidate Annie Caiola also showed up to answer questions. 

Retired Decatur High social studies teacher Chris Billingsley played moderator and I filmed the whole thing for those who couldn’t attend. (As a brief aside, the way I shot this, you don’t actually see Billingsley. With the candidates each taking turns speaking from the altar, it almost looks as if they’re answering the questions of a higher power.)

Candidates covered rezoning, taxes and school diversity. It’s all here on tape for you to watch at your leisure. Elections are Nov. 5. Enjoy.



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  • Margaret

    Good forum last night — Decatur voters should spend a few minutes with the video. I thought Mr. B’s questions were excellent.

  • Decaturette

    Re ” it almost looks as if they’re answering the questions of a higher power.”: Mr. B IS a higher power, as any Decatur High grad can tell you!

    • So I’ve heard. Mr. B was a commanding presence in the room. He was a good moderator.

  • Catherine

    Thank you so much for taping this for everyone who couldn’t attend. What a public service contribution you made!

    • Happy to do it, Catherine. 🙂 Proud to live in such an engaged community.

  • Dan, thanks so much for videotaping the school board candidates for those who couldn’t attend as well as those who want to really understand the similarity and differences of each candidates. Video is such a strong medium. Thanks also, for all the great work you do to keep all of Decatur informed! You ROCK!

    • Andrea, comments like this make me so happy. I hope I can turn Decaturish into a sustainable source of information for our residents. Please let us know how we’re doing – good or bad. We’re trying to create a news service that’s accountable to its readership. You can email me at dwhisenhunt@gmail.com or decaturish@gmail.com

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