City of Decatur: Our holiday decorations suck. Sorry about that.

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt November 26, 2013
The city's horrible godawful Christmas decorations that nearly ruined the holidays for everyone. Source: City of Decatur with Egg Nogg on face.

The city’s horrible godawful Christmas decorations that nearly ruined the holidays for everyone. Source: City of Decatur with eggnog on face.

It sounded like a good idea at the time, the City of Decatur says.

On Nov. 22 the city issued its merry mea culpa about the holiday decorations via the city-owned Decatur Minute blog. Assistant City Manager Lyn Menne took the rap for the ho-ho-horrible attempt at updating the city’s seasonal flair.

“Many of our holiday wreaths date back to 1996 and were starting to look shabby,” Menne explained. “We thought it would be a good idea to trade them out for something different and replace the oldest wreaths with an updated design.”

The city replaced the wreaths with Holiday Swag (in Denver, Holiday Swag means something else entirely). It didn’t quite pan out, Menne said.

“Rather than looking like swags, they look like upside down trees and they just don’t work on the street lamps,” Menne said.

She said the city’s decorator (tax money at work) will break out the old wreaths from 1996 and hang them up in place of the swag. It was a good year for wreaths and alternative music. Could we pull an Atlantic Station thing and hook speakers up to the poles so we can hear sarcastic grunge band covers of holiday music? Please?

Menne says there’s an important lesson here.

“When you mess up, admit it,  take responsibility and fix it,” Menne said.

Unless you’re in Congress. Then you can blame somebody else and get away with not fixing anything.

I look forward to the city un-ruining the holiday. Santa has informed me he will skip Decatur entirely if he has to look at the swag.

h/t- Decatur Metro

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  • D Krisman

    Thank You for addressing the problem with those horrible swags, The old wreaths can be updated with new ball’, bulb’s and bow’s. Garland and bow’s mixed in would look good too!

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