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Posted by Dan Whisenhunt January 27, 2014
Jedi Master Yoda dresses for a covert operations mission. Photo from the City Schools of Decatur website.

Jedi Master Yoda dresses for a covert operations mission. Photo from the City Schools of Decatur website.

Every time it gets really cold, I send off an email to the spokespeople for City Schools of Decatur.

I always ask, “Will schools be open tomorrow?” As of right now, yes. The snow isn’t expected to fall until tomorrow afternoon, which is why College Heights postponed its Dine out for College Heights Kids event to Feb. 4.

But as always, CSD is monitoring the situation, spokeswoman Courtney Burnett said.

“We are watching the weather reports. Any closings or delays would be announced through our robo-calls, eblast, Facebook and news outlets,” Burnett said.

With the weather we’ve been having lately, my weather-related emails are starting to feel like deja vu. This morning, I had no idea snow was in the forecast. I woke up to glorious sunshine and mild temperatures. But that’s just a tease.

The hucksters at the Weather Channel are predicting a 70 percent chance of snowfall tomorrow afternoon, with a high of 33 degrees.

When I first saw that, I said to myself, “Sonofa …”

I then wrote to CSD. The last time Decatur closed its schools for cold weather, on Jan. 6 and Jan. 7, school officials caught all kinds of hell from Decatur parents.

I checked around and no other Metro Atlanta school system is indicating it will cancel classes tomorrow. So it looks like it will be business as usual tomorrow for students in the metro area.

But the bottom line: No matter what weather related calamity should befall our fair city, we’ll be OK as long as we stick to our proud tradition of complaining about it on the internet.

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  • Lakeisha

    Are there any food places open ? Delivery?

    • Hmmm will have to check.

      • Lakeisha

        Would appreciate that immensely…I’ve tried to see what places I could dig up and delivering services that might be operating under the meter…none as of yet… siiigh..

  • Lakeisha

    Thank you 🙂

  • Courtney

    Best title for a GA storm article! I love it. Still laughing.

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