30 minutes – Decatur BOE makes time for weather

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt February 14, 2014
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Decatur’s School Board has decided to extend each school day by 30 minutes beginning March 1 to make up for time lost due to winter weather.

The board unanimously approved the proposal this morning. The school board meeting was rescheduled to Friday from Tuesday due to severe winter weather. The extra 30 minutes, which will be tacked on to the end of each day, will allow the school system to make up for school days lost due to cancelations.

Update: More details on the plan from the CSD Facebook page:

The Board of Education approved for the system to move forward with developing a plan to add 30 minutes to the school day to make up 3 of the 8 days missed due to inclement weather. Make up days were previously scheduled for 2 of the missed days (March 10 and May 29). The Board also approved for 3 days to be “forgiven” under the 4 days allowed by state law. Staff members are working on details of the plan for the additional 30 minutes and will communicate the plan next week.

City Schools of Decatur has closed for three different weather related events since the first of the year.

Superintendent Phyllis Edwards said it’s also a chance to see how parents and students feel about a longer school day.

“As we see how it goes, it might be something we can bring back to people to see how they feel about it,” Edwards said.

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  • Elizabeth B

    I wonder how this will affect after school activities? There’s a music and dance program at College Heights that starts at 2:30pm. I suppose they can move each session back 30 mins, but I hope Board of Ed reaches out to let everyone know.

    • I’m pretty sure the school system will put out a press release on it in a few. They will get lots of questions.

  • Cindy J

    This is terrible – all kinds of after school activities will be affected. My daughter takes gymnastics at 3 PM. It is the highlight of her week. Now she has to drop out!!!! Terrible idea!

    • HJ

      I am sure that this will affect lots of the early-shift extra-curricular programs, and perhaps the different local businesses will be willing to alter their schedules to accommodate. It is worth talking with your kids’ program directors to see if there is some wiggle room.

  • T.W.

    I think this is a great alternative instead of adding school days in June or reducing Spring Break. The large majority of students (3rd grade and up) still need to pass tests at the end of the year based on Common Core, regardless of extra curricular activities.

  • EM

    this is outrageous.. all after school programs will be affected

  • shm

    Perhaps they can have the schools start 30 minutes earlier rather than later. My guess is that extracurriculars outside of CSD will not be willing to revamp their after school schedules for everyone to suit a few Decatur kids. There are some morning extracurriculars, but they are all school based that I know of. Learning takes precedence over extracurriculars, but we have some kids who put tremendous dedication into their passions and it would be nice to acknowledge their effort and not force them to give up something that inspires them. Also, please only make up time in core classes, not time in connections and electives. Connections are over for term 2 at Renfoe. Third term connections don’t need extra time.

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