Burglaries – Neighbor comes home during the crime

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt February 21, 2014


Decatur Police have issued an alert about two burglaries that occurred Friday, Feb. 21.

At approximately 12:30 pm, Atlanta Police responded to a call of a burglary in the 100 block of East Lake Drive. A neighbor arrived and saw the suspects leaving the victim’s home. They were described as three males, in their teens or early 20s and had clothing wrapped around their faces. They left in a black sedan described as a looking like a Monte Carlo, Malibu or Impala. Police said the suspects pulled off the locked rear gate and kicked the back door in. The suspects got away with a flat screen TV and two safes. The home had an alarm and a dog.

At 12:50 pm today, Decatur Police responded to an alarm at the 100 block of Midway Road. Officers found that the screen door on the rear porch was cut and the door had been kicked in. That home had a dog, too.

Editor’s note: The information in these reports was provided by the Decatur Police via the Nation of Neighbors website and is presumed to be accurate. 

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  • Lauren Harms

    Hi Dan. Can you please move this article to the Decatur tab? This crime occured in City of Decatur, not Kirkwood.
    I have noticed this with a couple of other articles as well. For example, the article “Woman Stabs Boyfriend in the Neck” is shown as a Kirkwood headline but this did not happen in Kirkwood or anywhere near it. Zone 6 stories outside Kirkwood should go under your Metro ATL tab.
    The borders of Kirkwood are: North: Dekalb Ave, South: Memorial Dr., West: Montgomery St and East: 1st Ave.
    Thanks for your understanding. As you know, your site contributes to the reputation of the communities it covers. Therefore there is a sensitivity around crime-related coverage. Please always double-check prior to attributing any crime-related story to a particular community tab.
    As a Kirkwood resident and loyal consumer of hyper-local news, thanks.

    • Lauren, I appreciate you weighing in. This story actually is in the Decatur tab, too. The Decatur news has been more prevalent of late, which is why this story isn’t down further on the list. The crime blotter you mentioned actually does contain information related to Kirkwood and the other beats surrounding it. I could tag it as Metro as well, but since it does have Kirkwood information it also needs to be tagged in that category. I’ve reached out to the Kirkwood folks for stories that don’t involve crime and continue to work with them on it.

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