Owned – Pallookaville calls out haters

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt February 25, 2014

Avondale Estates’ famous Pallookaville restaurant is known for its no-nonsense approach to signage.

Now that Georgia’s state Legislature is considering a law that would allow businesses to discriminate against the state’s LGBT population, the restaurant has created a new sign directed at haters.

From the Pallookaville Facebook page.


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  • KMT

    Thank you, Pallookaville!

  • Sanityisabeautifulthing.

    There is at least 1 brain in Georgia. Who knew? LOL

    • Two, if you include Decaturish. Most of our readers have brains, too. 🙂

  • Kate Murphy

    You guys rock! And I love that pork burger and Mexican hot chocolate milkshake and the macaroni and cheese….

  • Jayne County


  • Chris Billingsley

    Very interesting, especially the use of the term “haters”. I’m trying to figure out if this business has labeled a group of lawmakers, or anyone else for that matter, who have strong views about religious freedom as haters or was it used by D-ish to express his personal opinion. Either way, it’s not a wise business decision to possibly alienate a large group of Georgia consumers simply because you disagree with their views.
    So, who are the real haters here, a small minority of business people; bakers, photographers, maybe others (conservative Christians and their legislative allies- in Georgia, certainly not a minority) who, because of their religious beliefs, do not want to participate in something they believe is morally wrong or the bullies on the other side who label everyone that disagrees with them as intolerant bigots? In my opinion, this piece of legislation may need to develop in a way that reflects some sort or compromise but religious freedom in Georgia, in thought and action, must be protected.

    • Choice of “haters” was mine, not the restaurant’s. Decaturish.com is for equality and for religious freedom. I don’t see the two as mutually exclusive. Unfortunately, some of our elected officials don’t seem to agree. Chris, I’d love for you to write a letter to the editor on this if you’ve got the inclination. Even if I don’t agree with your views, I know you will express them well.

      • Brian

        It’s possible for someone not to completely agree with you on something 100%, and yet not hate you. It’s also possible that a business owner would be fine with doing business with a gay person, and yet be annoyed by having another ‘protected class’ added to the list.

    • Jim Stacy

      My sign was crystal clear in it’s wording.
      How one confuses a headline and doesn’t actually read the sign posted below it is baffling. Even more confusing is the condescending advice based on my actions when you have not understood the issue.
      Let me help you…
      I spoke out against a poorly written, ill conceived, unnecessary, possibly unconstitutional and staggeringly broad in scope copycat bill. I will continue to speak out when one group of Americans finds it necessary to legislate fewer rights for other Americans on the basis of their fear.
      I will always fight for the freedom of speech, expression and the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. By the way, I didn’t write those words, someone more wise than I penned them.

      The irony of all of this, and it is shameful, is that THE ONLY defense supporters of this bill can muster is that our refusing to accept legalized discrimination is actually us being intolerant.
      What is wrong is that truth, logic and reason have left the discussion and THAT is what will destroy this country.
      Jim Stacy

      • Jim Stacy

        I do currently have a shirt for sale that says “Don’t Be A Fun Hater.” The shirt has nothing to do with this issue at all. It was printed weeks ago. I’m sure it’ll somehow be used to prove my intolerance against those people who enjoy pouting and being buttholes though.
        Jim Stacy

      • Huevon
        • Jim Stacy

          However, the Arizona bill is not the same as the Kansas law and the two making it’s way in Georgia are not the same as the Arizona bill either. The letter you reference clearly states the differences in the Kansas law and the Arizona bill. The Arizona bill was supposedly written to clear up ambiguities in the existing RFRA. It was terrible timing on Arizona’s part, and at the behest of a microscopic group of business owners looking to discriminate.
          While that may not seem important, one cannot play politician and refuse to play politics.
          Both the Georgia SB and HB are substantially different and the Arizona, Kansas and Georgia bills are online for anyone to read.
          Since I live and work in Georgia, that is the bill I concern myself with.

      • Douglas Paul Yank

        So well worded. Thank you

      • Brian

        Is there anything short of 24/7 attention on this 2% of the population, and complete agreement and adulation that doesn’t constitute ‘hate’?

    • AWils

      Chris Billingsley, I’m guessing you don’t live in Decatur-ish. Might I suggest Cobb or Forsyth counties for you…

      • I just want to stick up for Mr. B for a second, if I may. Mr. B and I disagree on a lot of things, but he is a fine upstanding member of this community and has been a huge fan of Decaturish. He also uses his own name. I welcome his comments and am glad he’s engaged on issues, civic and otherwise. He’s a good guy. Y’all don’t be too harsh on him.

    • Rob

      Some Religious folks seem to be quite selective in their “religious beliefs”

      • Confused

        I was thinking that too…funny how they want to kick out the gays – but not the adulterers or the divorcees…

    • waavygravy

      I’m sorry Chris, but you don’t get a pass on this one. “Religious freedom”, as you put it, does not extend to infringing on the rights of others. Also, conservative Christians in the Atlanta metro area are dwindling, and signs like these appeal to the majority of Atlantans who ARE tolerant of others. I think it’s a smart business move. If I have a religious belief that directly conflicts with your religious belief, how can both of us have “religious freedom”? You can’t, and there is no reason to protect it legislatively. Keep your beliefs to yourself. You can have them. Because as a fellow American, although I don’t agree with your beliefs, we can still live in this country together and tolerate each other.

      • Brian

        You are assuming the conclusion. Business owners are allowed to refuse service to would-be customers on many grounds. Whether sexual orientation should be one of them is itself the matter in question. The notion that a business owner should be forced to transact with someone he finds objectionable is far from a given.

        • Aaron Legere

          Should skin color be among those grounds? Because it is, at essence the same thing. There are still people in this country that find people of color objectionable. What about them?

          • Brian

            Yes, but that situation affected a larger percentage of the population and was much more deeply entrenched. The speed and depth with which attitudes toward gay rights has changed is remarkable, and in another five or ten years this business discrimination could very well be miniscule on its own. Plus there’s peer pressure, boycotts, and such. I’m wary of tacking on yet another protected class, with the potential for lawsuits, enforcement agencies, abuse, false claims of discrimination, and all the rest.

  • Ray Redding

    I like stuff.

  • Dejahthoris

    Vote the bums out! We need better schools! We need gay rights, and legalized pot! We need expansion of Medicare in Georgia! It saves lives and tax dollars! Vote! People, vote!

    • Ally1055

      Totally agree on expansion but it’s actually expansion of Medicaid, not Medicare. Medicare is for those over 65. Medicaid is for the poor, disabled and *some* elderly who qualify. It’s a common mistake folks make and since I work in the industry, just wanted to clarify. Keep up the call for expanding MedicAID 🙂

      • Brian

        I wish it would snow again. It was nice to see some liberals with their hands in their own pockets for a change.

        • Jeff Blanks

          If liberals ran things, you’d have more, not less.

  • wilder125

    I foresee the restaurant increasing it’s menu variety due to some businesses having a loss in clientele once they enthusiastically take to Georgia’s decision if the law goes into effect.

  • Eric Shaw

    Is sexual orientation a protected class in Georgia yet?

  • PB

    Ban the evaliban from public office.

  • PB

    No, faux Christians do not get to tell me who to love, where to eat or how to pray.

  • coach moon

    off topic: jinkies. i haven’t seen jim stacy in decades. congratulations on palookaville. i’ll come up & get a corn dog.

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