Rape – Emory University student reports assault

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt February 12, 2014
Matheson Reading Room at Emory University. Source: Wikimedia commons

Matheson Reading Room at Emory University. Source: Wikimedia commons

An Emory University student told police she was raped at 11:15 pm on Tuesday evening, Feb. 11, according to an alert sent to students and faculty.

The woman reported that the assault occurred in a wooded area between Dowman Drive and Oxford Road near the Emory Village Traffic Circle. The attacker is described as a white male in his late 50s, 5 feet 10 inches tall, with a reddish or brown beard, wearing a brown or green beanie cap, a tan or brown jacket, dark blue jeans and brown boots.

The suspect was last seen running from campus toward Emory Village.

Anyone with any information should call the Emory Police Department at 404-727-6111.

h/t to Decatur Metro for sending along this alert.

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  • M. Bianco

    Why haven’t the Atlanta Police Department been brought in on this? If this occurred in a neighborhood people would be in an uproar but since it happened AGAIN on the Emory Campus its just a text alert. Seriously, where are the stepped up patrols? The extra units? Do we value the lives of these girls?

    • I’ve asked for more information from Emory and have received no response. I’m giving it another day or two, because of the weather and whatnot. But I wondered this as well.

      • Jim

        Emory is actually not in the city of Atlanta. It in unincorporated DeKalb county outside Atlanta Police Dept.’s jurisdiction. This incident falls under the jurisdictions of Emory and DeKalb police.

  • Phil Evans

    Hopefully, Georgia’s new gun bill will pass, and then college students
    who have a valid Georgia Weapons License will only have to worry about a
    $100 fine and possible expulsion from school for carrying a concealed
    pistol on campus. Not a bad trade for refusing to be a rape victim.

    Ladies, you need to start being dangerous to your attackers and keep
    yourselves safe. The colleges and the police haven’t done that good of a
    job for you.

    The Board of Regents gives you lip service about how “safe” their campuses are, but are opposed to licensed adult students 21 and over from carrying a firearm on campus. To the BOR, rape, robbery, and murder are preferable to adults defending themselves.

  • Jim

    There are four lights burned out in the Matheson Reading Room photo.

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