Rep. Oliver – ‘Troubled’ by drug testing bill

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt February 26, 2014

State Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver (D- Decatur)

The Republicans in the state General Assembly are keeping everyone busy with election-year shenanigans this session.

One law proposed by a House GOP member drew scrutiny from Decatur Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver.

According to The Albany Herald, Rep. Greg Morris, R-Vidalia, has introduced legislation to drug test welfare and food stamp applicants.

Florida passed a similar law and it was overturned because it tested everyone who applied.

Morris thinks he’s found a way around that, according to The Herald. His law says applicants will be tested if there’s “reasonable suspicion” that they are drug users, based on things like their “demeanor.”

Oliver was skeptical.

According to the paper, Oliver predicted the law would trigger a lawsuit if it passes. “How is a caseworker going to define demeanor?,”she said, adding. “I am very, very troubled [about] the way Georgia spends its money on litigation.”

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  • CODizen

    If we are going to have a law to drug test welfare and food stamp applicants based on a “reasonable suspicion” that they are drug users, e.g. their “demeanor”, then we should include legislators in the population to be tested. We shouldn’t be spending taxpayer’s money on legislators who are drug users, and I include the illegal use of prescription drugs.

  • There are several studies showing that drug use is lower among welfare recipients, as a group, than almost any other general category of people. So this is once again a solution for which there is no known problem, about the only thing our majority party in the state legislature seems able to address (see “voter fraud,” another non-existent problem, for an additional sad example).

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