Multifamily – A developer’s plans for Kirkwood

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt March 20, 2014
A developer wants to turn this overgrown lot and the adjacent apartments behind it into a multifamily project. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

A developer wants to turn this overgrown lot and the adjacent apartments behind it into a multifamily project. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

A developer has plans for an overgrown lot behind the bustling Kirkwood Station, but those plans are on a collision course with Atlanta’s convoluted zoning codes.

According to a local real estate agent, Euramex Management purchased the 3.3 acre lot in November. Euramex officials did not return messages seeking comment for this story.

Property records show that Euramex bought the 3.3 acres for $1.4 million, purchasing the property as Kirkwood Partners LLC. Euramex and Kirkwood Partners share the same address.

Agent Rich Arroll said the company also wants to buy the adjacent apartments at 1910 Bixby Street. The goal, Arroll said, is to develop all six acres as a multifamily project. The apartments were built in 1967 and property tax records rate the condition of the building as “poor.”

“It’ll be good for the neighborhood to get rid of those ratty apartments in the back,” Arroll said.

There’s just one problem. Those apartments are zoned for single family. So even though a multifamily structure is currently on the site, Euramex would have to get it rezoned as multifamily to move forward.

Architect Eric Kronberg drew up a draft site plan for the apartments on Bixby Street. He said the site plan is, “an analysis we were asked to do for a potential rezoning of the property.” He declined to name the potential developer. He said the property would have to be rezoned because the apartments were built before the city of Atlanta’s current zoning went into effect in 1981. He said conflicts like this “happen all the time.”

“Welcome to the city of Atlanta,” Kronberg said.

Kronberg’s draft site plan shows that the site could hold 98 units with a maximum height of about three stories. The current apartment complex is two stories and 56 units. He said multifamily project done the right way could be a “wonderful addition” to the neighborhood.

“I think this is a site that would be great to redevelop as new multifamily,” he said.

To see Kronberg’s draft site plan, click this link: Site Plan-1910 Bixby

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  • Confused

    So I’m confused – the site plan is only for the 1910 Bixby Street property and not the other 3+ acres closer to Kirkwood village. Will the other 3+ acres be developed or not?

    • It will be developed along with the other parcel. No site plan is available for the 3.3 acres closer to the station. I only had the one for Bixby.

  • Derris

    Classic City of Atlanta. Small businesses must jump through dozens of hoops(and wait months) to get the most basic of permits and smart development (that the neighborhood wants) gets held up by antiquated laws that should’ve been off the books decades ago.

  • Earl Williamson, RN

    Please note that this proposal has yet to be presented to the affected neighborhood and that there are significant concerns relative to negative impacts on adjoining detached single family residences, the specific zoning being requested, the relationship of this to adjoining developable parcels, and why development is being pursued piecemeal rather than with a coherent overall plan in place.

    • Thanks for commenting Earl. I will be reaching out to the neighborhoods soon to discuss their opinions about this project.

  • Jon Huff

    @Derris: I doubt anyone in Kirkwood wants 96 apartments built in a vacuum with no relation to the surrounding neighborhood. This project looks awful.

  • abmagic

    Derris, if it really is smart development the neighbors want the rezoning process would take roughly 90-120 days. City staff generally (not always) side with the existing adjacent owners.

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