Next year – Tucker, Lakeside compromise dies

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt March 17, 2014
Illustration. The advocates of these new cities did not erect giant floating billboards that can be seen from outer space.

Illustration. The advocates of these new cities did not erect giant floating billboards that can be seen from outer space.

This could be all she wrote for bills that would give voters an opportunity to incorporate cities of Tucker and Lakeside.

Tucker 2014 reported via its Facebook page today that Sen. Fran Millar withdrew his senate bill for Lakeside. State Rep. Mike Jacobs said a compromise between Tucker and Lakeside faced significant legislative “hurdles.”

The Tucker 2014 group wrote, “All cityhood initiatives in Dekalb County appear to be over for this year.” Tucker supporters, along with Lakeside and Briarcliff supporters, worked furiously to get their bills passed by the General Assembly and on to the May 20 ballot. The cities were in competition because their boundaries on the proposed city maps overlapped. But Tucker and Lakeside reached a compromise that each side believed would allow both cities to move forward this year.

The Lakeside City Alliance hasn’t concurred with Tucker’s account, but put a message on its Facebook page that says, “Many thanks to our loyal supporters. House of Cards in action today.”

Don Broussard, with the city of Briarcliff initiative, confirmed the account published by Tucker 2014 to Decaturish, saying he had just left the committee hearing.

“I’m not sure of all the ramifications,” he said. “I believe this means we’ll live again to next year. Briarcliff lives again.”

Decaturish will post more details as they become available.

UPDATE: Media reports are rolling in about today’s developments in the DeKalb cityhood debate.

Reporter Newspapers writes that Rep. Jacobs said moving forward with the Tucker and Lakeside bills would’ve required a significant change in the legislative process. There are only two days left in the session. To read the full Reporter Newspapers story, click here.

The Brookhaven Post interviewed Jacobs after the meeting. “Making changes in the local legislation requirements is a very significant steep hill to climb,” Jacobs said, according to The Post. To read that full story, click here.

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