On the ticket – Valarie Wilson running for state superintendent

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt March 8, 2014
Valarie Wilson, photo from  Young Nonprofit Professionals Network website. http://www.ynpnatlanta.org/

Valarie Wilson. Photo from Young Nonprofit Professionals Network website. http://www.ynpnatlanta.org/

Former Decatur Board of Education member Valarie Wilson has entered the race to become the Democratic nominee for state school superintendent.

The qualifying deadline was at noon Friday, March 7. Wilson, who decided not to seek another term on the City Schools of Decatur Board of Education in 2013, is running against Tarnisha Dent, Denise Freeman, Jurita Forehand Mays, Alisha Thomas Morgan and Rita Robinzine in the May 20 primary.

Wilson is Executive Director of the nonprofit Atlanta BeltLine Partnership. In addition to having served on the city board of education, she has served as president of the Georgia School Boards Association, and is a member of the Decatur Education Foundation and the Decatur Arts Alliance.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story said the qualifying deadline was May 7. It was March 7. 

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  • Inquiring in Decatur

    I would love an in-depth article about this race, especially since Valerie is a well-known former local School Board member. What would it mean for CSD if she were to become Superintendent? What influence does the Superintendent have? Does the Superintendent matter much if the legislature controls the funding? Who are the other Democratic candidates? Which Democratic candidate truly has a shot at beating the Republican candidate? Not to mention the human interest piece–Why is Valerie interested in this position? Does she think she has a shot at winning? What does she hope to achieve as Superintendent?

    • Inquiring in Decatur

      Also, I can’t find a campaign webpage for her. Is it too early?

      • I don’t know if there is one yet. I will look into that.

  • Chris Billingsley

    Thanks Danish. Where did this come from!? I would have thought that rumors of her potential candidacy would have popped up months ago. Ms. Wilson’s team knew how to keep a secret almost as well as the Braves organization! I find it interesting that Ms. Wilson’s main opponent in the primary, Alisha Thomas Morgan also of has a CSD connection. Her husband, David Morgan, worked at the high school several years ago as a parapro. I remember him well but doubt that anyone currently on the staff has a connection to him. I believe Mr. Morgan is currently a commissioner for Gwinnett or Cobb county.
    This will be an interesting contest. I’m sure what’s left of the state Democrat machine will support Ms. Wilson any way they can but if Ms. Morgan can convince primary voters that charter schools are an important solution to improving education in Georgia, she could win. And if she does win, what an interesting state contest, with two candidates likely strong supporters of the charter school movement.

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