Correction – New law doesn’t apply to Thinking Man

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt April 24, 2014
Photo from the Thinking Man Tavern Facebook page.

Photo from the Thinking Man Tavern Facebook page.

Editor’s note:  The initial reporting on House Bill 60 was incorrect. While Thinking Man and Kirkyard were quoted accurately, the premise behind the questions was not accurate. For the most up to date information, click here

The Thinking Man Tavern in Decatur is telling customers that guns are not welcome there.

The Tavern, located on West Howard in Decatur, Ga., made the announcement on its Facebook page on April 24, a day after Gov. Nathan Deal signed House Bill 60, a new law that eases restrictions on where gun owners can carry their weapons.  It has been dubbed the “Guns Everywhere” law by critics.

“Nathan Deal signed it, so we have to say it. Don’t bring a weapon to a place where the product served is known to lessen inhibitions,” the announcement on the Thinking Man Facebook page says. “If there is one inhibition to have, not using a deadly weapon is high on our list. Unless you are on-duty law enforcement, don’t bring your gun to Thinking Man Tavern. We reserve our right as well. Please, find another business to accommodate your gun. A shooting range would be best. Thank you.”

Decaturish reached out to Thinking Man about the posting.

Bartender Jessica Sweeny said, “Guns and alcohol don’t really mix so we don’t really want that kind of thing in our bar.”

Other business owners have also started to weigh in about the new law. Dano Kirk, owner of Kirkyard Public House, said he will not expressly forbid patrons to bring guns into his business.

“I would not turn anybody away or ask somebody to leave because they were carrying,” Kirk said.  “Each business can determine who they do or do not want to allow in.  For us, as long as they’re obeying the law, I don’t have a problem with it at all. ”

Are you a bar or restaurant owner in Avondale, Kirkwood and Decatur? What’s your take on the new law? Feel free to tell us by emailing us at or posting about it in our comments section.

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  • TheDude

    Thanks, Thinking Man, for living up to your name! Now why not make sure Not Thinking Man Nathan Deal doesn’t darken your door either!

  • Chris Billingsley

    Humm, let’s see… What has been more dangerous to society over the past few years, a law abiding citizen with a legal carry permit, bringing a firearm into a bar and having a beer before driving home or a twenty something year old who, having been served numerous glasses of high gravity beer and shots of candy flavored alcohol, walks out the door and drives off in a vehicle?
    Not that it matters much to me what the TM tavern does concerning firearms. My days of partying with the younger teachers at TM ended when I retired from DHS. And with their new policy, this thinking man won’t be going back anytime soon.

    • TheDude

      Hello apples…this is oranges…

      • Rick Derris

        Seriously. Nice straw man argument.

        • Keith F

          Not so much, TM makes the point that they don’t believe alcohol and guns mix yet don’t feel the same way of the arguably more dangerous mixing of alcohol with car keys. I guess as long as the bad stuff is happening outside their doors. the responsibility isn’t theirs.

          • TheDude

            What leads you to the ridiculous conclusion that TM sees no danger in mixing booze & keys?

  • DecaturCarry

    I respect the bar owners’ rights to decide what happens on their property. I would personally feel more comfortable in a bar full of law-abiding, concealed carry holders with guns than in an establishment where the only folks with weapons are those who aren’t so concerned with laws or property rights.

    • Rick Derris

      Yes, because the Thinking Man is just full of gang bangers. I’m sure when a drunken argument breaks out among a couple of “law abiding, concealed carry holders”, the guns will make sure that cooler heads prevail.
      Fact is, minor altercations result in gun violence every day and when armed people get angry, they forget sometimes that they are “law abiding”.

      • EJ

        Statistically WCL holders are far more law abiding than the general public, which explains the almost statistically irrelevant percentage of WCL revocations.

        When arguments turn into gunfights they are almost always done so by people carrying illegally. Follow up with any incident and you will inevitably find a weapons charge in the list of charges.

  • TheeO

    I understand most of you are a bit squeamish about guns. And Thinking Man, as a private business can and should set it’s own rules about allowing firearms or not. But the argument about drunken gun-owners in a bar is the straw man. Intoxication while carrying a firearm is illegal. And conceal-carry holders know this. You’ll get fined and/or go to jail and loose your permit. Also, legal firearm owners and conceal-carry holders do not commit crimes involving gun violence. Period.

    • EJ

      It’s not illegal to carry a firearm while intoxicated, it’s illegal to discharge a firearm while intoxicated. Unless that discharge occurred during an act of self defense.

    • TheDude

      Laughable! Exclamation point!

      “Also, legal firearm owners and conceal-carry holders do not commit crimes involving gun violence. Period.”

      • TheeO

        Yes! Laughable! Rather than saying they “do not” what I should of said was of the over 11 million holders nationally, only 0.00058% were involved in a death by shooting!

        So, it’s say to say your safer with a conceal carry permit holder than you are with your average bar/restaurant patron!

        Exclamation point!

        • TheDude

          Reliable source please? (question mark)

          “only 0.00058% were involved in a death by shooting!”

          • TheeO

            Yes! I know there is no reliable source! However, that figure came from the Violence Policy Center! (A national gun-control advocacy organization and “anti-gun”… also partially funded by George Soros!)

            So, there’s that! (sarcasm)

          • TheDude

            “So, there’s that! (sarcasm)”
            Not so much, genius.

      • TheeO

        * (,) you’re

  • EJ

    As Decatur doesn’t allow bars this entire conversation is misleading. TM is a restaurant with a liquor license, not a bar, and as such has never been off limits to people with a carry license. HB60 doesn’t change any of this.

    HB60 also doesn’t grant TM any rights it didn’t always have. They have always been able to ask someone to leave and they still can. Since TM is not a bar, carrying concealed into TM, regardless of the owners wishes, never has been nor is it now, illegal.

    Since the overwhelming majority of GA’s WCL holders carry concealed, TM will continue to have no idea of who may be carrying.

    • TheDude

      Unless they “stop & frisk” @ the door…
      “Since the overwhelming majority of GA’s WCL holders carry concealed, TM will continue to have no idea of who may be carrying.”

  • Lucid

    *scratches head*

  • Gang, I appreciate the spirited discussion. I’d like to politely remind all of you to keep it civil and refrain from name calling. I’m not going to referee the discussion point by point, but I reserve the right to remove comments that are not constructive and posted only to antagonize other readers. Thank you.

    • TheeO

      So he can be as snarky as he wants and is permitted name calling (as seen above). But when I call him a “baby” for not accepting the answer he asked for… that’s when you exercise your right to remove comments?


      • If you have questions, refer to our comments policy. I can remove comments at any time for any reason, no explanation required. If people have a problem with that, they are free to leave.

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