Bike accident – 4/5 student hits car

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt May 20, 2014
W. Ponce De Leon Avenue. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

W. Ponce De Leon Avenue. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt.

Decatur Police say a 4/5 Academy at Fifth Avenue student hit another vehicle while riding his bike home from school on Oakview Road on Tuesday afternoon.

The boy apparently swerved after passing a parked car and hit a vehicle that was traveling in the opposite direction around the 700 block of Oakview at approximately 2:40 pm, police said.

“A 9-year-old cyclist was traveling eastbound and upon passing a parked vehicle, veered into the oncoming lane and struck a vehicle traveling westbound with the edge of the handlebar of his bicycle,” Decatur Police Sgt. Jennifer Ross said. “The child fell off of his bicycle and sustained minor injuries.  The child was transported to an area hospital for examination.”

One reader, a mom, asked if the boy was riding with traffic or against it.

“He was riding with traffic but passed a parked car and crossed the double yellow line and rode into the oncoming lane, on the wrong side of the road, as a vehicle was passing in that oncoming lane,” Ross said.

This is the second time this month there’s been a traffic accident involving a cyclist in Decatur.

On May 6 – also a Tuesday afternoon – cyclist Laura Quade, 26, was stopped at the westbound inside lane of West Ponce de Leon Avenue at the Water Street intersection. She was preparing to turn left when she was rear-ended by a Cadillac. Quade was severely injured.

This story has been updated. Police have updated their statement to correct the time listed in the original report. 

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  • Moe Emenaker

    There are so many idiot drivers out there that you aren’t even safe in a car. I wish there were bike lanes or some way for people to ride bikes but there isn’t. Bikes will never belong on our streets in my opinion – and I don’t care what the law or cyclists say.

    • Oh my

      Moe you might be extremely misinformed or confused. Bicyclists are allowed on the roads. It’s the idiot drivers not paying attention the cause accidents. Given sone cyclists do not obey the law, that doesn’t mean we can not all share the road. At least I know my legs will always have power over those fossil fuels and such.

      • Moe Emenaker

        I’m neither misinformed or confused, and it should have been clear from my post I’m aware of the law. The point is there ARE idiot drivers – two of which ran over and killed two people I knew. The right to ride a bike on the street doesn’t mean the bad car drivers will become good ones, and the bike will lose every time. Your legs will cease having power over fossil fuels (and such) the second you’re run over by an idiot driver, and you’re “rights” will never change that.

        • campus cyclist

          Why aren’t you telling people not to drive, then?

          • Moe Emenaker

            That’s a logical retort campus cyclist and I will do just that: I decree all automobile drivers must stop driving immediately to make room for bicyclists. Good luck out there folks!

  • Prefer neither

    Hope this boy recovers fine quickly!

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