Correction – Gun law doesn’t apply to Pinewood

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt May 2, 2014
Photo from inside of The Pinewood in Decatur, GA Photo from the The Pinewood Facebook page.

Photo from inside of The Pinewood in Decatur, GA Photo from the The Pinewood Facebook page.

Editor’s note: For the most accurate information about House Bill 60, please read this article. This bill does not apply to establishments in Decatur. To learn more, click here

Another Decatur bar has weighed in on the debate about whether to allow patrons to carry guns.

The Pinewood  says it will not tell patrons to leave their guns at home.

“Our policy is as long as you are not breaking the law we wouldn’t refuse service to someone but common sense says that guns and alcohol don’t mix well,” the restaurant said via email. “So we wouldn’t be super excited to have a room full of armed patrons in our restaurant while drinking whiskey.”

The restaurant added, “We’re not going to officially have a policy beyond what the law requires – I think most of our customers will use common sense. We do however reserve the right to change our stance on that if it becomes a problem or people are creating an unsafe environment.”

Decaturish reached out to several restaurants after the Thinking Man made a public announcement that guns would not be allowed. The announcement was in response to a new law in Georgia that eases restrictions on where gun owners can carry their weapons. The bill allows licensed gun owners to carry in more places, including bars and churches unless they are expressly prohibited.  It has been dubbed the “Guns Everywhere” law by critics.

The Kirkyard Public House in Kirkwood says it will not ban guns.

The Square Pub says it will tell customers to leave their guns at home.

The Marlay House says it hasn’t made a decision yet.


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  • Pedro

    This just makes where we’ll spend our money a little easier.
    See y’all soon, THINKING Man!

  • Jim

    I love these divisive stories — no seriously. I really do agree with The Pinewood, if people are not breaking the law and behaving civilly, there is no issue. As a group, permit holders statistically commit fewer crimes than members of law enforcement.

  • Judgebrandeis

    Last night was our last time at pinewood until they change that polocy

    • Jim

      Huh? It’s been legal to carry in every Decatur establishment that serves alcohol since May 14th, 2008 when HB89 became law, and people have been doing so for six years. Show me where all these wild west shoot-outs have occurred over the last six years. Where are the rivers of blood in the streets of Decatur? I have not seen any for some strange reason, and people have been mixing drinks and guns for six years.

  • TheDude

    “We do however reserve the right to change our stance on that if it becomes a problem…”
    Hopefully, you’ll lose enough business for it to become…”a problem”…

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