Gross – Disgusting discovery in Oakhurst

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt May 29, 2014


A few residents in Decatur’s Oakhurst community have had a nasty problem with their mailboxes.

According to a Decatur Police report, “an unknown person” has been placing urine-filled plastic water bottles inside mailboxes around the 1600 block of Oakview Road.

The report filed this week says it has happened to one resident on three separate occasions in May, and happened to a neighbor at least once. When the resident who filed the complaint called the U.S. Post Office , the Post Office recommended contacting the Decatur Police Department.

The report says the neighbor found one bottle in their mailbox, but couldn’t tell what it was and threw it in the trash.

“(The victim who filed the report) kept two of the three bottles of urine and images of the bottles were taken and attached to the report,” the police report says.


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  • underscorex

    “Let me hang on to this bottle of whiz, just in case the cops wanna make sure it’s really whiz.”

    I mean, I know it’s fashionable to talk trash about the DPD and their priorities, but nobody is gonna run DNA tests on your bottle of wee-wee, dude.

  • rob

    Sounds like they’re pretty pissed.

  • dubusadus

    Never change, America’s teens

  • ann_e

    just a guess but wondering if the victim has a dog. maybe a neighbor is tired of the victim’s dog going in their yard, and is sending a message in the mailbox. a written note would be more clear than a random bottle.

  • Gina Rubino Seymour

    We had this happen too and we’re on 2nd. Our dog is in the backyard and doesn’t do her business in the neighborhood. When my husband saw it, he suspected what it was right off the bat and filed a report with the Decatur Police. Let’s just be honest. When you go to get your mail, the last thing you want to find is something disgusting sitting on top of your mail.

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