May 20 primary election results

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt May 20, 2014
Photo courtesy of Dena Mellick

Photo courtesy of Dena Mellick

The polls closed at 7 pm. Here are the election results for the May 20 primary election in Georgia. This post will be updated throughout the evening. All results should be considered tentative until certified. Blank spaces indicate pending results.

In order to win outright, a candidate has to receive more than 50 percent of the vote. In races with multiple candidates, the top two will square off in a July 22 primary runoff election.

In the hotly-contested Senate District 42 race, Elena Parent holds a lead over Kyle Williams.

State Sen. Jason Carter, D-Decatur, is running unopposed and has clinched the Democratic nomination for governor. He will face incumbent Gov. Nathan Deal in November.

So far, it looks like former Decatur Board of Education member Valarie Wilson is ahead in the Democratic primary for state school superintendent …

State Senate

District 42

Democratic Primary                  

Elena Parent, D.                    Percentage: 61.5  Votes: 8510     Precincts reporting: 47 of 47

Kyle Williams, D.                 Percentage:  38.4   Votes:  5319    Precincts reporting: 47 of 47


DeKalb Sheriff

Dale Bernard Collins            Percentage: 4.30   Votes:   3109   Precincts reporting:  189 of 189

Ted Golden                               Percentage:  4.09 Votes:  2956     Precincts reporting:   189 of 189

R. “Tony” Hughes                  Percentage: 5.68   Votes: 4108      Precincts reporting:   189 of 189

Vernon Jones                          Percentage: 22.25   Votes:  16096    Precincts reporting:   189 of 189

Melody Maddox                     Percentage: 7.28  Votes:  5263    Precincts reporting:  189 of 189

Jeff Mann, Incumbent          Percentage: 39.86  Votes:  28833    Precincts reporting:   189 of 189

Melvin Mitchell                      Percentage: 14.36   Votes: 10390      Precincts reporting:   189 of 189

LaSalle Smith, Sr.                    Percentage: 1.75 Votes:  1269   Precincts reporting:   189 of 189


DeKalb County Board of Education, District 3

Jerrie D. Bason                                      Percentage: 8.34    Votes: 810     Precincts reporting:  30 of 30

Michael A. Erwin, Incumbent         Percentage:  37.11   Votes:  3603     Precincts reporting:   30 of 30

Jarrod Jordan                                        Percentage: 16.59      Votes:  1611   Precincts reporting: 30 of 30

Atticus LeBlanc                                     Percentage: 20.85     Votes: 2024     Precincts reporting:  30 of 30

Willie R. Mosley, Jr.                             Percentage: 16.75    Votes: 1626   Precincts reporting:  30 of 30


U.S. House

District 4

Tom Brown, D.        Percentage: 44.70     Votes:  12610   Precincts reporting:  2 of 4

Hank Johnson Jr., Incumbent     Percentage:  55.30   Votes: 15602 Precincts reporting: 2 of 4



Republican Primary

John Barge          Percentage:  11.18  Votes:  49768 Precincts reporting:   154 of 159 counties

Nathan Deal, Incumbent        Percentage: 72.08  Votes:  416076  Precincts reporting: 154 of 159 counties

David Pennington        Percentage: 16.74  Votes:  96616    Precincts reporting:  154 of 159 counties


State School Superintendent

Democratic Primary

Tarnisha L. Dent                      Percentage:  13.90     Votes: 35039     Precincts reporting: 154 of 159 counties

Marion Spencer “Denise” Freeman     Percentage: 18.98  Votes: 47863   Precincts reporting: 154 of 159 counties

Jurita Forehand Mays        Percentage  5.63       Votes:  14204   Precincts reporting:  154 of 159 counties

Alisha Thomas Morgan             Percentage:  25.96  Votes: 65442   Precincts reporting:  154 of 159 counties

R. Rita Robinzine                       Percentage:    3.57  Votes:  9010   Precincts reporting:  154 of 159 counties

Valarie Wilson                           Percentage:  31.96  Votes: 80576   Precincts reporting:  154 of 159 counties


Republican Primary

Mary Kay Bacallao                 Percentage:  15.33     Votes: 69643   Precincts reporting: 154 of 159 counties

Ashley Bell                                   Percentage:  15.08       Votes: 68521  Precincts reporting: 154 of 159 counties

Michael “Mike” Buck       Percentage: 19.65       Votes: 89282     Precincts reporting: 154 of 159 counties

Sharyl Dawes                Percentage:  5.44        Votes: 24708     Precincts reporting: 154 of 159 counties

Allen Bowles Fort            Percentage:  6.35       Votes: 28842    Precincts reporting: 154 of 159 counties

Nancy Jester                             Percentage: 10.48   Votes: 47609  Precincts reporting:  154 of 159 counties

T. Fitz Johnson                     Percentage:  7.64      Votes: 34720     Precincts reporting: 154 of 159 counties

Kira Willis                          Percentage: 3.09     Votes:  14015    Precincts reporting:   154 of 159 counties

Richard Woods                       Percentage: 16.93     Votes: 76915    Precincts reporting:  154 of 159 counties



Senate District 42

Republican Primary

Greg Williams

State House

District 82

Mary Margaret Oliver, incumbent

District 83

Democratic Primary

Howard Mosby, incumbent

Republican Primary

Freddy Holley, unopposed

District 84

Democratic primary

Rahn Mayo, incumbent

District 85

Democratic Primary

Karla Drenner, incumbent

District 89

Democratic Primary

Stacey Abrams, incumbent


Democratic Primary

Jason Carter

U.S. House

District 5

Democratic Primary

John Lewis, incumbent

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  • Prefer neither

    For the races with multiple candidates, anyone understand what kind of results will trigger a run-off and which candidates will be included?

    • Yes. A candidate will need to get more than 50 percent of the vote. If they do not, they will move on to the July 22 runoff.

      • Robert

        Does this include the Dekalb Sheriff special election?

        • I believe so. I think it applies to any election where the victor doesn’t receive more than 50 percent of the vote. Feel free to correct me, but I think that’s the way it has worked in all of the other local races I’ve covered since moving to ATL.

        • Actually, forget my last comment. I’m looking at the Secretary of State’s office. It appears to have different runoff dates for the primary and the general

        • OK, just spoke to one of the candidates in the local races. He says the runoff IS on July 22. I figured that was the case but didn’t want to assume.

      • Prefer neither

        If a runoff is needed, besides the top vote getter, how many candidates move on to the runoff? Is it however many are needed to exceed 50% of the vote?

        • That one I can answer. It’s the top two vote getters, no matter what the percentage.

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