Mellowed out? – Confusion at the ‘Shroom

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt May 7, 2014
Photo from the Mellow Mushroom Decatur Facebook page.

Photo from the Mellow Mushroom Decatur Facebook page.

A social media posting about the Mellow Mushroom in Decatur caused a lot of confusion Wednesday evening.

The Mellow Mushroom Decatur Facebook page announced that the restaurant would be closing permanently “as of today.”

However, when Decaturish dialed the number, the restaurant sounded very open.

The Facebook post said, in part, “We regret that as of today, the Mellow Mushroom Decatur location has closed. We appreciate your support and loyalty over the years and we look forward to serving you at one of our many other locations.  It is never an easy decision to close a restaurant under any circumstances, particularly after many years in a market.”

The news came as a shock to the people at the restaurant who answered the phone. One of them said, “Holy shit!” when they heard the contents of the Facebook post.

Attempts to contact the owner, Dave Kieffer, were unsuccessful Wednesday evening.

A few minutes later, a man who answered the phone at the Mellow Mushroom said he’d been in touch with the owner about the post and said the restaurant would be open on Thursday. The Facebook post has been removed.

Here is a screen shot of the post:


This story will be updated when more information becomes available.


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  • Angela PM

    So the page is back to normal today, with all posts from 2013 onward deleted. No explanation was offered on the page, which they should do ASAP, IMO.

    • just another soccer mom

      where are you seeing that? The graphic at the top of the mellow mushroom decatur facebook page says “closed”, and their most recent post is April 20 of this year.

  • Catie

    Aw man, that’s pretty awkward. They couldn’t care enough to tell the workers first? #blindsided

    In any case, I’m bummed. Mellow makes some damn fine pizza, and that particular location is less than a block from my house!

    Why would they move when the 315 residential complex will bring in hundreds of new people just across the street?

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