Police – Cyclist struck on W. Ponce

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt May 6, 2014


Decatur Police say a 26-year-old woman sustained “life-threatening” injuries after being struck by a vehicle on W. Ponce de Leon on Avenue on Tuesday afternoon.

The accident happened around 6 pmĀ at the 600 block of W. Ponce, city spokeswoman Casie Yoder said.

Yoder said via email, “The bicyclist, a 26 year old female, sustained life threatening injuries and was transported to an area hospital for treatment. The driver of the vehicle is cooperating with the Decatur Police and their investigation.”

Yoder said the city is not releasing information about the parties involved until the family of the woman has been notified.

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  • Both Cyclist and Driver

    Thanks for the news. Ponce was still blocked off by the Post Office around 7:30 PM and I wondered what was up. Hope cyclist recovers soon. I’d like to eventually know more about the accident to see if there’s lessons learned and clues to how to avoid future accidents.

  • BikeFriendlyAtlanta

    Does anyone have any more details on this wreck? Hopefully the young lady is recovering!!!

  • maria

    I saw it happen and I could not fall asleep last night because I could not get the image out of my head. Pray. Pray hard. That’s all I can say. Pray for the cyclist and for the person who accidentally hit her.

    • SS

      And pray for Maria as well as any others that witnessed this horrible incident. Prayers all around. Hoping for good news.

    • Josiah

      i witnessed it as well, maria. the sound and images are all i can think about. drove by the biker heading east and 5 seconds later heard the crash and witnessed the rest from 20 yards away in the rearview mirror. my heart goes out to the cyclist and her loved ones. i hope beyond hope that we learn soon that she will live and recover.

      • Linda Hatten

        I hate to bother you, but how was the cyclist hit? Was she hit from behind or did she cross in the path of the driver?

          • Linda Hatten

            Thanks, Dan. I already read your update. It’s still not clear if she was hit from behind or she crossed the path of the driver. As a cyclist, a driver who hits a cyclist from behind should face serious charges. Unfortunately, they usually don’t.

          • I understand. I am working to get a copy of the report. Hopefully that will clarify things. Stay tuned.

          • Josiah

            Thanks Dan for the update. I’ve been checking daily for one on the health of the cyclist. Great news to hear she is recovering. Since I didn’t see the actual collision – I looked to see immediately after hearing it – I couldn’t say for certain whether the cyclist was hit from behind or crossed the path of the driver.

          • Linda Hatten

            I just read on Patch that she was hit from behind. I understand that she is now recovering from multiple fractures to her legs. Fortunately, her helmet protected her head and her back sustained no breaks, so there is no permanent neurological harm.

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