Transferred – Bockman going back to Inman

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt May 6, 2014
Betsy Bockman. Photo obtained from a 2012 event announcement posted on

Betsy Bockman. Photo obtained from a 2012 event announcement posted on

Two weeks after the Atlanta Board of Education voted to close Coan Middle, it announced the transfer of Coan’s principal.

Coan Middle Principal Betsy Bockman will be transferred to Inman Middle, where she previously served as principal for eight years.

It was one of several principal transfers approved by the Atlanta Board of Education during its May 5 meeting.

The BOE voted on April 22 to close Coan and merge it with King Middle School because of low enrollment at both schools. Coan will be merged with King Middle School next year. Students will attend school on the Coan campus in year one and will move to King at the start of 2016.

Under the plan, Coan and King would combine in the 2013-2014 school year. During the first year of the merger, all students would attend classes on the current Coan campus. While the students are at Coan, King will receive a $10 million to $20 million renovation. Under the plan adopted by the BOE, in July middle and high school principals in the Jackson High School cluster will begin a series of meetings on ways to improve middle school education at King.

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  • King Joffrey

    Does someone at APS have a personal vendetta against Kirkwood and Edgewood? It’s one of the most promising areas in the city limits, and APS seems determined to keep it mired in uncertainty and mediocrity. Residents haven’t had a clear vision about where there kids will be attending school for 4 or 5 years now. Seems like the current mantra for homeowners with young kids is: tolerate Toomer, spin the wheel at Drew a couple times, and save pennies for Decatur. How many people bail on this neighborhood when there kids are 9 and haven’t been admitted to Drew via lottery?

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