APD releases video of vehicle that hit cyclist

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt June 13, 2014
Screen Capture from video released by APD.

Screen Capture from video released by APD.

This story has been updated. 

The Atlanta Police Department has just released this video of the Dodge Nitro suspected of running down a cyclist in Piedmont Heights on June 9.

Gregory Germani, 50, suffered severe injuries and is recovering in the intensive care unit at Grady Hospital. Police have established a Fundly account to increase the Crime Stoppers reward for information leading to an arrest of the suspect. To donate to that account, click here.

Police believe the suspect was driving a red Dodge Nitro and is an “under 30 year old African American male.”

People with information can submit anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers by calling 404-577-TIPS (8477), visiting www.crimestoppersatlanta.org or by texting CSA and the tip to CRIMES (274637). You do not have to give your name or any identifying information to be eligible for the reward for information leading to the arrest and indictment of the suspect.

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly identified where the assault took place. It was in Piedmont Heights, which is near Morningside. 

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  • Rick Julian

    thanks for following these developments so closely, Dan.

  • Thanks for posting this, Dan. I really want to see this scumbag caught.

    • Thanks to both of you. Today I’m making a point of reminding our readers that the best way to help me keep providing news is for you all to support our advertisers. If you do choose to do business with them, please let them know it’s because they support local journalism in your community. Thank you for the consideration and for reading.

  • Bethanne

    Thank you, Dan. I hope the cops find him and throw him in jail. Another jerk Atlanta driver who thinks he is the only person on the road. Dear ATL drivers, you don’t own the road. Some of us are actually respectful on the roads.

    • DC

      As a driver and an avid cyclist – I wouldn’t say this is just “another jerk Atlanta driver”…it’s a sociopath who intentionally ran someone down.

      There are plenty of jerk cyclists too who run redlights, cut through traffic etc.

      This kind of “us and them” dialog isn’t productive…this narrow mindset is reminiscent of vitriol typically aimed at cyclists…

  • Sadlebred

    Thank you! I run SoutheasternCycling.com and appreciate the updates. I have been reposting the links to Southeasterncycling.com and our Facebook page.

  • Chuck Reece

    Dan … Any information on when and how that video was captured?

    • I didn’t receive any, but I can make an inquiry.

    • Pennybottom Feathertonsworth

      Seems pretty self-explanitory, Chuck, I mean with the time stamp and all…

    • Louise M.

      Chuck it’s from a homeowner’s security system.

  • g.man

    from looking online that sure looks like a Dodge Nitro. Is this street used a as a cut-through street during that time?

    • Kat

      Infrequently… most people don’t really know it’s there. Montgomery Ferry is a fairly high traffic street but most people use it to go through to Monroe or Piedmont. Flagler is a very small street usually lined with parked cars. My speculation is that this guy would probably have to be familiar with the area to know that Flagler exited back out onto Monroe and he wasn’t going to be trapped. Ugh. So scary and horrible.

      • G.Man

        the reason I ask is this: why was the red Nitro on Flagler in the first place. If he wasn’t cutting thru then why was he there. Does he know someone there, Or does he work nearby? If it was around 5-6pm was he leaving work?
        Also does anyone know how Greg is doing. Is he recovering?

  • Tony Tolbert

    To me the Nitro goes by and then after the cyclist goes by he(the Nitro) comes back, makes me wonder if they may have known each other.

    • sc3pilot

      To me, A Nitro goes by and then after the cyclist goes by, A Dodge Nitro (but not necessarily the same one) goes by in the same direction as the cyclist. I didn’t see anything in the video that proves conclusively that it is the same Dodge Nitro that follows the cyclist.

      • forj

        there are probably like 2 dodge nitros in the entire city. youve got to be kidding. also, there are witnesses who saw the car hit the cyclist.

        • Rick Julian

          more specifically, at least one witness saw them arguing, the cyclist take off as though he was fleeing, then the SUV making a u-turn in pursuit of him, then striking him.

          there is no mystery second Nitro.

          • sc3pilot

            Eyewitness testimony has been proven unreliable in every junior year psychology class ever.

          • Lori Leary

            Sc3pilot, are you always this contrary? As for what you see on the video, you are seeing the part that the APD has released. I strongly suspect there is more to it. The reason the video was released was to show what the SUV looked like, not to prove that Mr. Germani was chased by it.

          • nov4cane

            Lol this sc3pilot guy is a total troll/douche. If you read his comments on other articles, he just loves to argue.

          • Lori Leary

            Oh, one of *those*. Must not have anything better to do than argue with strangers on the internets. Sad.

      • darngooddesign

        It doesn’t matter if that is the same Nitro. The crime wasn’t driving both directions on the street.

  • sc3pilot

    How do we know for certain that’s the exact same Dodge Nitro that goes the other way after the cyclist passes?

    • sceloglaux

      Its not a Corolla, I don’t think I’ve seen more than one of these cars ever, much less two within a minute of each other.

      • sc3pilot

        Anecdotes are not evidence.

        • Vexxer

          Even if its not, it is the same make model and color. This vehicle type is so unpopular, most people do not know what one looks like. Only 176K were sold worldwide during its production life.

    • Velocentric

      There were eyewitness accounts that said the car did a four point turn then chased Greg back down Flagler Ave.

    • darngooddesign

      They have video of the red Nitro chasing down the cyclist and witnesses who saw the Nitro hit the cyclist. Even if it were a different Nitro it doesn’t matter.

  • Based on the resolution of the video (unless the original is actually better) I don’t think that would be possible.

  • Funkaholic

    Greg Germani has exposed me to so many great (and not so great) obscure country songs on WFMU, this p*sses me off no end. Hope one of the driver’s friends rats on him soon.

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