Atlanta Police – Burglar broke alarm panels

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt June 23, 2014
Illustration. Source: Wikimedia commons

Illustration. Source: Wikimedia commons

An Atlanta Police officer responded to a burglar alarm in East Lake over the weekend and confronted a burglar who apparently tried to break the alarms.

Police received the call on June 21. The there was an audible alarm coming from a home located on 2nd Ave. NE.

“As I was searching for house numbers I spotted the house and placed my flashlight on the front windows to make sure they weren’t broken,” the officer wrote. “When I did so, I saw what appeared to be a white male inside the residence toward the back of the house. He immediately crouched down and ran further toward the back of the house.”

The officer ran to the back of the house, trying to head off the suspect.

“The male emerged out the front door of the residence and ran southbound on 2nd Ave,” the report says.

Later in the report, the officer wrote, “It appeared the suspect broke off every alarm panel that was installed on the residence.”

Two police officers secured the home. The officer who filed the report said he felt a warm draft, which led him to a window to the back deck that had been “pried open.” Officers found a laptop and camera bag sitting on the ledge of the back porch and returned them to the residence.

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  • fmfats

    What block on Second Avenue did this take place?

    • The address was in the lower 30 range, just on the eastern side of Oakview Road.

      • fmfats

        Thanks. I live further south on Second. This incident then was about as close to being a Decatur incident as possible without being one.

  • jeff

    This was our place. We are on the corner of 2nd and Northern. Our neighbors are City of Decatur.

    This burglary attempt was different than the typical M.O. in the area. First, the suspect was white. Hate to say it but it’s the truth. Also, he cut the power to the house and ripped the alarm panels off the walls. The upstairs master bedroom was tossed and the laptop and camera were taken to the back deck waiting for a swift departure. In the end, nothing major was taken except our meager innocence. This was the first attempted burglary my wife and I have endured since we moved to this house in 2008.

    • Sine qua non

      I’m sorry that you experienced a burglary but glad that at least no one was hurt and that your laptop wasn’t stolen. Hopefully your insurance will mitigate any material damages.

      I’m with you–I’ve not heard about any other burglars dismantling alarm systems. That’s a bit devious and “alarming” in and of itself.

      Finally, I’m wondering why you’re reluctant to say the burglar was white. Not sure what difference it makes, but in any event, facts are facts, and honesty shouldn’t be painful–should it? What am I missing here?

      • jeff

        I don’t typically like to discuss race. It’s polarizing, regardless of your intention. The conversation can spin out of control very quickly. You’re right though. Facts are facts — uninvited white male in our house at 4:30am with the alarm going off while we’re 2 hours away in Blue Ridge. I was on the phone with Atlanta 911 while the responding officers were at the house. I asked to be contacted by an officer to find out the condition of the house and whether it was secure. They would not call me. We had to wait until we returned home.

        • Sine qua non

          Jeff, not picking on you or even saying you do this, but just making a statement–IMHO, not talking about race is what is making it polarizing. we’re all so scared of offending each other that we only do it behind pseudonymous accounts most of the time (actually I do discuss openly; I see ironically here I’m signed in with a pseudonymous identity-oops! Hypocrisy alert!)

          My main point is that no one seems to hesitate to say it was a black intruder on these forums. In fact, I’ve seen commenters make frankly racist comments about cutting “fros and so forth. So saying a suspect is white–certainly less controversial than that in my book.

          Final point–I was looking at security systems myself. But this whole post makes me wonder if it’s worth it. Who knows? We notify police and neighbors when we’re away and have motion sensor Klieg lights–maybe that’s enough.

          • jeff

            When I said, “hate to say it”, I meant that by making that statement, I was making a generalization and assumption that most, if not all incidents like this in our area are perpetrated by non-white men. I didn’t want to make that assumption but it seemed that this case was much different than most.

            I hear you on the hyper-sensitivity part, though. I just didn’t want this or any race discussion to detract from the root dialog.

    • Tim


      Sucks that this happened essentially around the corner from us. If your main electrical disconnect is outside the house, you might consider padlocking the panel it lives in. It’s also fairly easy to add a switch to trip the alarm should the disconnect panel be opened. I know that’s not a big help to you at the moment, just thought I’d throw it out there.

  • SW

    Hi Dan. Why did you choose to post this in Kirkwood rather than Decatur, as this incident was closer to Decatur than Kirkwood and not even in the Kirkwood neighborhood.

    • Well, there’s no hard and fast rule on this. The crime itself occurred just outside of the Kirkwood beat and in the East Lake beat. I also first heard about it from Kirkwood residents. I reasoned that the story would be of general interest to those readers. I didn’t realize that it’d be of interest to Decatur folks, too, given the proximity. It’s one of many reasons I’m considering expanding our Kirkwood section to include East Lake and Edgewood and Little 5. They’re all in the same city and deal with similar issues as far as the city government is concerned. That’s probably a longer answer than you wanted, but you raised a good question.

    • Sine qua non

      Maybe because the blog is called Decaturish. Not Decatur without an ish. So it’s all kinda fuzzy. Right? No walls around any of our neighborhood or cities–yet.

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