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Posted by Dan Whisenhunt June 25, 2014

Incumbent Sheriff Jeff Mann will face former DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones in the July 22 runoff for DeKalb County Sheriff. sent both candidates questions about the runoff. Only Mann responded. We will update this post with Jones’ answers when he responds. 

Vernon Jones, left, will face incumbent Sheriff Jeff Mann, right, in the July 22 runoff.

Vernon Jones, left, will face incumbent Sheriff Jeff Mann, right, in the July 22 runoff for County Sheriff

Jeff Mann, incumbent

1. What do you think helped you make it to the runoff election?

I listened to as many citizens as possible. Participating in thirteen sheriff candidate forums, attending numerous homeowners and civic association meetings, churches and synagogues allowed me to share with the citizens my experience in managing the day-to-day affairs of the Sheriff’s Office for the past ten years. These efforts also allowed me to communicate the excellent work, reputation, professionalism and standards of integrity that we restored to the Sheriff’s Office in the fourteen years former Sheriff Thomas Brown and I have been at the helm.

2. Why should people support you over your opponent?

I have worked within the DeKalb County Government for more than 20 years, creating and maintaining good working relationships with the Board of Commissioners, constitutional officers, to include judges, as well as County department heads. This experience gives me a level of insight on how to work with the judicial and legislative bodies of our government, as well as what law enforcement agencies face on a daily basis. As Chief Deputy Sheriff for the past ten years, I directly managed the day-to-day operations of the Sheriff’s Office, including its $78 M annual budget and 860 budgeted personnel, assigned to its Jail, Court, Field and Administrative Divisions, and its Training, Accreditation, Fiscal Affairs, and Professional Standards Sections. I oversaw the development and administration of approximately $20 M in annual contracts with private entities. I am a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and a certified officer by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards & Training Council. My candidacy offers continuity of leadership that is beneficial to taxpayers, the community and the great men and women of the Office.

3. List 1-to-3 initiatives you would undertake as sheriff to reduce crime in DeKalb County.

1 – Continue to focus on serving warrants on the most violent offenders so that they will be taken off the street, preventing them from committing additional crimes.

2- Continue to increase visible presence of marked units in the neighborhoods and businesses while they are serving warrants so that presence can deter criminal activity.

3- Continue to partner with the faith based organizations, community leaders, schools, parents and neighborhood associations to work with our youth in an effort to direct them to positive alternatives to criminal behavior.

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  • Chris Billingsley

    It will be all about turnout, especially in south DeKalb. North DeKalb and Decatur voters will show up because they know that in run offs, every vote is even more important than in regular elections but south DeKalb? Some candidates will have to pay a whole lot of “walkin around money” to win this race. My bet is on the turnout in north DeKalb.
    But on a similar topic, I plan on taking a few pics (and sending them to my fav local news blog or course) of at least two voting locations on or near Glenwood Road for the runoff election. Decatur residents complain about campaigning near polling areas but you won’t believe what happens in other locations. I was astonished to see what goes outside Decatur in the last election.

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