Decatur honored for addressing childhood obesity

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt June 30, 2014
Photo obtained via Decatur Active Living

Photo obtained via Decatur Active Living

Decatur Active Living reports that the city has received three medals from the National League of Cities for the Active Living Department’s efforts to address childhood obesity.

Active Living reports that the city recently reached goals for the Let’s Move! Cities, Towns and Counties program, which promotes health and wellness.

“LMCTC is a major component of First Lady Michelle Obama’s comprehensive Let’s Move! initiative, which is dedicated to solving the childhood obesity epidemic within a generation,” a press release from Decatur Active Living says. “LMCTC calls upon local elected officials to adopt sustainable and holistic policies that improve communities’ access to healthy affordable food and opportunities for physical activity through five goal areas.”

Decatur received the medals for improving access to healthy, affordable food and its efforts to promote exercise programs.

“We congratulate and commend the City of Decatur for your efforts to improve the health of your community’s children and families,” NLC President Chris Coleman, mayor of Saint Paul, Minn, said in a press release. “Through the leadership and dedication of local elected officials in cities, towns and counties across the country, we are beginning to see a measurable decrease in obesity rates and a cultural shift towards health.”

Cheryl Burnette, the city’s assistant active living director, said there are several programs the city offers to get kids moving.

She said the Safe Routes to School program encourages walking and biking to school.

“We’re gearing up for next year adding Westchester Elementary School, encouraging kids to walk and bike to school so they get that exercise every morning and afternoon,” Burnette said.

The city offers sports camps in the summer for basketball, flag football and volleyball. Burnette said even the camps that aren’t sports related have an exercise component during the day. .

“The city of Decatur is working to reverse the obesity problem in the city,” she said. “We’re excited to be working with Lets Move to help prevent childhood obesity in the city of Decatur.”

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  • Westchesterite

    Yeah! This is one of my favorite things about CSD. Of note, Westchester was selected to be one of the first schools to participate in Safe Routes to School…right before it was closed. Nice to have things come back around full circle.

  • Chris Billingsley

    I will try to create my rejected comment from another computer that I used because of one of two reasons (Multiple choice from common core):
    A. The idiots at the apple store were so incompetent that the

    • Chris Billingsley

      “but can’t seem to remember…” And I haven’t remembered more than an hour after starting this post but no matter. Have a great Independence Day Decatur and never forget that our happiness does not come from government but from a loving God who endowed us with certain INDIVIDUAL rights. May God continue to bless Decatur, the Great State of Georgia, and the United States of America!

  • Chris Billingsley

    Thanks Mark. Feel free to organize a fundraiser for all the kids you described (and their parents that depend of more and more government handouts) who can’t make good food choices. I’m sure you will find plenty of Decaturites to donate to the cause (or will you???). My position has not changed. This is wasteful spending and I base my opinion on years of watching high school children throw food away during lunch. It will only get worse when kids have “healthier” but bland lunch choices, no thanks to Queen Michelle.

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