Decatur Police identify suspects in recent crimes

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt June 23, 2014
Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

This story has been updated. 

Decatur Police Sgt. Jennifer Ross said investigators have identified suspects in several recent crimes.

Ross said police identified the four suspects in a June 6 robbery of a 13-year-old on Oakview Road. Charges are pending against the suspects in DeKalb County Juvenile Court. The suspects are a 14-year-old, two 15-year-olds and a 16-year-old from Atlanta.

Ross said a 2011 four-door Saab 93 with Georgia tag number BEK6937 has been recovered. The car was stolen during a burglary at the 300 block of Lockwood Terrace on June 15. Police have identified a potential suspect.

Ross said a red Mercedes E320 with Georgia tag number PEX 2935 that was stolen during a burglary in the 100 block of Bruton Street on June 16 also has been recovered. Ross said a 14-year-old from DeKalb County was arrested in connection with that incident.


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  • jackets13

    When I was 14 I only thought about softball and video games. They’re getting younger and younger. Such a shame.

  • King Tommen

    Schooooools ouuuuuut for summer

    • Lord Helpus

      Another vote for year-round schools

    • Steve Vogel

      What makes you think they go to school when it is in session?

      • Sine qua non

        What makes you think they don’t?

      • Amazed

        Amazingly, they seem to. Hence, the upsurge in crime in the summer, down surge in the fall, up surge over winter holidays. Maybe it’s the free breakfast and lunch. Maybe there’s some hope for these kids if we only knew how to intervene, given how much trouble they are in already.

        • Sine qua non

          Amazed, you may be on to something! What if we make sure every young person has food in their belly even if their family isn’t affluent? Why not try giving all our schools (and NOT just CSD, ’cause that’s basically just for rich white kids anymore) resources to reach out to the kids who don’t have so much support at home and for whom school is their only pathway to a mainstream life? And maybe we can treat these kids with respect and compassion? Not everyone gets it at home like I did, and life is tough enough even when you’re lucky like I was. I like your ideas, Amazed!

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