Getting full – 2 retail spaces left in Tudor Village

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt June 9, 2014
Fisher Paty, with Oakhurst Realty Partners, stands beneath the marquee at Towne Cinema. File photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Fisher Paty, with Oakhurst Realty Partners, stands beneath the marquee at Towne Cinema. File photo by Dan Whisenhunt

The announcement that a cake shop will be moving to Tudor Village in Avondale Estates also marks a turning point for one of the city’s key retail spots.

Fisher Paty, a managing partner with building-owner Oakhurst Realty Partners, said the entire building is 60 percent leased.

“On the retail space, we just have the (Towne Cinema) theater and corner space across from Pallookaville available,” Paty said. “The balance of the vacant space is office space upstairs.”

There’ve been rumblings about potential tenants for the Towne Cinema space, but Paty has said he’s holding out for someone who will do something special with the old theater.

Laura Haass, with Icing Cake Design, said her store will be located next to Mama Bath + Body, which is relocating to Avondale from Decatur. Icing Cake Design is relocating from Scottdale and Haass is shooting for a mid-July opening date.

Haass lives in Avondale and said the commute was one reason she wanted to move her business to the city. She said the pace of new businesses moving into Avondale was another selling point.

She said over the years the city had “lost a lot of its attractiveness and luster.”

“It’s starting to get a lot of it back and the development is very promising and exciting and we want to be part of that,” Haass said.

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  • Jan Ferrara

    Now if only someone would reopen the James Joyce Pub…

  • Kelly

    Rumor has it that the old James Joyce spot has sold to a developer and that Starbucks may put a new restaurant concept in. I have tried to do some Google searches but did not turn up much other than articles about La Boulange in LA and nothing about spots in GA. Dan, maybe you can hunt down some info?

  • Someone really should gobble up the Towne Cinema space and rehab it into a
    cozy independent theater (w/ digital and film projection), serving up
    classics/foreign/indie film, theme weeks and at least two festivals a year.
    Heck, if I could get a grant from a cinema foundation I’d do it myself.
    (Jujubes, French roast and “La Jetée” every Thursday afternoon, please
    and thanks.)

    • Sine qua non

      I’ve thought the same thing for years. It’s tough to make a small business work, but this is a huge city. Is there anywhere else where you can go to see “small” films? Tara Cinema on Cheshire Bridge shows more offbeat films, but not the REALLY small ones.

      It seems like there ought to be enough cinemaphiles in this megalopolis to support one measly indie theater! Overpriced Jujube revenue would be needed to make it work, though! 🙂 Grants alone rarely keep things afloat.

    • If I had the financial backing, this is very similar to what I would do with it.

  • Brandon

    I noticed that the for sale sign went down on the corner vacancy (across from P’ville).

  • Timothy A. Hand

    If love to turn the old Towne Cinema into a professional playhouse for new plays and performance works. But, alas, I do not believe that a stage theatre would be able to cover the rent. I imagine it is probably quite a bit for a space like that.

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