Police – 13-year-old robbed on Oakview Road

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt June 9, 2014
Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Decatur Police Sgt. Jennifer Ross reports that at 7:34 pm on June 9, officers responded to a call of a pedestrian robbery at the 1300 block of Oakview Road. The victim is a 13-year-old boy. He told police he was walking east and saw six older teenage boys walking toward him. The victim told police he “crossed the street multiple times” to get away from the group, but each time the group would also cross the street. Four of the boys blocked the victim’s path on the sidewalk and started asking him questions. The victim tried to dial 911 on his cell phone. One of the boys took the cell phone away. The suspects were last seen walking south on Fifth Avenue. The victim wasn’t injured.

Ross provided the following descriptions of the suspects:

No. 1 – Black male, approximately 15-16 years old, approximately 5’10”, dark complexion, slim but muscular build, narrow eyes, unkempt afro about 6 inches long, a peach-fuzz mustache, wearing a white t-shirt with “Nike” in red on the sleeves and long black shorts.

No. 2 – ¬†Black male, approximately 15-16 years old, approximately 5’11, medium complexion, hazel eyes, unkempt afro about 3 inches long, wearing a plain white t-shirt, dark khaki shorts and thin gold chain necklace.¬†

No. 3 – Black male, approximately 15-16 years old, approximately 5’6, low hair-cut, wearing a black basketball jersey tank with blue stripes down the side and black basketball shorts.

No. 4 – Black male, approximately 15-16 years old, approximately 6′, unkempt afro about 6 inches long, wearing a black t-shirt with a small logo of Bob Marley’s face on the left side of the chest and a large logo of Bob Marley’s face on the back, blue jeans and black shoes.

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  • This is just unbelievable. I refuse to post what I’m thinking.

    • I applaud your restraint.

      • It wasn’t easy, Dan!! I just wish things like this didn’t happen. Decatur should be a safe area for kids (and adults).

        • Understood. Keep in mind that Decatur does have a pretty low crime rate, compared with other cities. Also, some of this crime is seasonal: kids out of school, up to no good, etc. Every place should be safe, but the reality is that our police officers can’t be everywhere at once. I am personally glad no one was hurt and I am hoping that will remain the case. But I’m fairly sure there will be more incidents, because there will be more opportunities for incidents as the summer drags on.

          • Flodown

            Yes a low crime rate but comparatively high taxes and home values.

  • Jeff Lebowsky

    Wow, I love the detailed descriptions. Give the victim a hand, he has great visual memory. I find it hard to believe that not one person saw this happen. This is a very popular road for walking and running and their are always people around. Sounds more like bullies more than a violent offense, nevertheless it has no place here. You would think it would be easy to track the phone signal but I am sure probably in a trash can by now. Hope those kids get their fros cut soon because I go down that road everyday and I will be looking out for them.

    • Sine qua non

      “Hope those kids get their fros cut soon because I go down that road everyday and I will be looking out for them.”

      Mr. Lebowsky, I trust that you are just “joking” when you say that. I certainly hope so.

      However, these days, people are very, very nervous about crime by adults and juveniles alike. Additionally, there are numerous, credible allegations of racial profiling by the Decatur Police Department targeting blacks–allegations which have been reported upon by Mr. Whisenhunt.

      Therefore, I feel that we should refrain from making statements even in jest about being on the lookout for kids-KIDS-mind you, with “fros”. Many people could fit the descriptions given. Sadly, the takeaway some would get from your post is: “Let’s be afraid of black people.” I thought the highly educated, supposedly progressive residents of Decatur were beyond that, but maybe some are not.

      In truth, based on Mr. Whisenhunt’s reports regarding allegations of intimidation and racial profiling of blacks by the DPD, blacks in Decatur have much more reason to fear whites. Either way, fear is the last thing that will make any community safer. At best, it will drive people apart. At worst, it could lead to a tragedy.

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