UPDATE: Police find vehicle in Germani case

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt June 23, 2014
A photo of Greg Germani with his dog, Ruby. Photo provided by Beth Anne Harrill

A photo of Greg Germani with his dog, Ruby. Photo provided by Beth Anne Harrill

This story has been updated. 

Atlanta Police may have tracked down a vehicle suspected of being used in an assault on Decatur resident Greg Germani.

Spokesman John Chafee confirmed to Decaturish that police found the vehicle after receiving a tip.

Germani was seriously injured on June 9 when a vehicle struck him on Flagler Avenue in Piedmont Heights. Atlanta Police say that the driver of the vehicle intentionally struck Germani. They have been looking for the suspect’s red Dodge Nitro for days. The suspect faces a charge of aggravated assault.

“Atlanta Police Investigators were following up on a tip and located a vehicle that matches the description of the suspect vehicle in the Flagler Ave aggravated assault case,” Chafee said. “Investigators observed damage on the vehicle and have impounded the vehicle to further investigate. Our crime scene unit has processed the vehicle for evidence and we are working to determine whether this is the suspect vehicle or not. At this time the investigation continues.”

Maj. Van Hobbs, commander of Atlanta’s Zone 2 Precinct, said investigators have found a vehicle but have not determined if it is the one used to attack Germani.

“We are following all leads and tips and forensics will determine if the vehicle found today is the vehicle we are looking for,” Hobbs told Decaturish via email.

Fox 5 reported that police found the vehicle in the parking garage of an apartment complex in Midtown, covered in a tarp. The vehicle, which has Michigan plates, has been parked there for about two weeks, according to Fox 5. Fox 5 reports that police may have located the vehicle. To read the story from Fox 5, click here.

Germani, 50, is a Decatur resident and the man behind the Atlanta Time Machine website. On Monday, Germani left the Grady ICU and transferred to a private hospital in Midtown.

“This is an intermediate phase before Greg can be admitted to the Shepherd Center for rehabilitation,” Beth Anne Harrill, Germani’s girlfriend, wrote on her Facebook page. “Although I don’t usually ask for specific prayers, please pray that Greg heals and recovers sufficiently so that he may begin rehabilitation at Shepherd as soon as he is capable.”

Investigators believe that on June 9 Germani and the driver got into some kind of argument with the driver of the Nitro after a near collision on Montgomery Ferry. Police say the driver chased Germani down Flagler Avenue and intentionally struck him with the 4,000 pound vehicle.

A reward fund established for information leading to the arrest of a suspect had reached nearly $30,000 as of Monday afternoon.

John Germani, Greg’s younger brother, said the family is encouraged by the latest news.

“We are hoping that they catch the criminal who perpetrated such an unnecessary and heinous act on such a great person, and we look forward to his lengthy stay in prison,” John Germani said.

Here is the Fox 5 report filed earlier today.

Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5


Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly identified where the assault took place. It was in Piedmont Heights, which is near Morningside. 

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  • Tony Wilbert

    Post in General
    Update on Greg Germani, cyclist intentionally hit on Flagler.11h ago
    Adriana Gutierrez from Ansley Park
    Finally there has been some positive news the past 2 days on Greg Germani. This was posted by his girlfriend Beth Anne Harrill on her Facebook page:

    Beth Anne Harrill
    July 7 near Atlanta, GA
    Update on Greg Germani, Monday, July 7: Four weeks ago tonight, the most difficult period of our lives began when Greg was hit intentionally while cycling home from work. It was about this very time when J.r. Germani and I were allowed to see Greg in Grady’s emergency trauma center before being transferred upstairs to ICU. The doctors advised that our lives would never be the same and that we should think of recovery as a marathon. It is a marathon and we are about 1 mile into it. Following the extraordinary care of Grady’s team of physicians, Greg was transferred to a private long term acute care hospital for further care and recovery where he remains today. The past week has seen some encouraging signs: Greg opens his eyes with frequency and tracks voices and people in the room. He becomes more facially expressive each day – I never thought I’d be happy to see Greg scowl at me, but it’s a wonderful sight. Greg is off the ventilator and breathing on his own. His trach tube has been fitted with a valve that will permits him to begin using his vocal chords again. Most exciting, today he squeezed my hand on command on four separate occasions. Although the doctor cautions that hand squeezing can be a reflex, I am here to tell you that I’ve been trying to get him to do this for two weeks, and today, with eyes open looking intently at me, he did it. A lot of folks have asked how they can help. We are in the process of getting an online fundraising page ready to go live. Although Greg has good health insurance, like many plans, it has limited coverage for post-acute care such as rehabilitation, outpatient therapy, and home health care and equipment. Greg is going to need all these things for some time to come. We’ll keep you posted. Please keep those great prayers, thoughts, and good vibrations flowing!

    Update on Greg Germani, Tuesday, July 8: All these great prayers and vibrations are working, folks. Today we had an exciting and unexpected day. Greg spoke for the first time. He was able to say “hello” and “I’m fine” in response to questions by the medical staff on three occasions. Happy tears today, definitely. This is a big step, coupled with his gradually improving alertness. It also take a tremendous amount of effort for these short bursts of activity, so for every excitement, there’s a lot of down time. They’ve advised us that it will come in fits and starts and may not be consistent, but Greg is making progress. Thanks to his physical and speech therapists, Ruchita, Crystal, Holly, and Vicky for all their hard work today!

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