Sunday Morning Meditation – Call and Response

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt June 8, 2014

I always think it’s interesting when you can put certain songs together to tell a story.

Once more, with Bowie.

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  • Chris Billingsley

    Thanks Dan. My take:
    1. That Michael Jackson sure could sing and dance but man was he weird.
    2. Madonna- Right message but wrong lifestyle.
    3. Ace of Base? Never heard of the group or song but kind of interesting.
    4. David Bowie had some great tunes and interesting career but watching a clip from his early years makes me uncomfortable.
    5. We still listen to quite a few Elton hits while chil-laxing on the back porch. I especially like that song about the guy who named his kid Jesus and another one about a blue jean baby, L.A. lady. What ever happened to that kids?
    Makes me think that we owe much of our Sunday happiness to the boys that stormed the beaches 70 years ago and if so, God bless them, their families and our great nation.

    • The chillaxing part of your comment made me glad I posted this. Agreed about our vets.

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