What’s fare? – Atlanta proposes rates for streetcar

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt June 25, 2014
Photo obtained via http://streetcar.atlantaga.gov/

Photo obtained via http://streetcar.atlantaga.gov/

The city of Atlanta is asking residents to weigh in on the proposed fees to ride the city’s forthcoming streetcar, a 2.7 mile east-to-west loop that will connect tourist hot spots in the city’s downtown.

Neighborhood Planning Unit – O, which represents Kirkwood, East Lake and Edgewood residents, gave the rate structure the thumbs up at its June 24 meeting.

If the City Council adopts the current structure, the cost to ride the street car will be:

$1 – One way trip

$0 – For children accompanying an adult

$3 – For a day pass

$11 – For a weekly pass

$40 – For a monthly pass

$10 – For a five-day visitor pass

Sharon Gavin, communications director for the Atlanta streetcar project, took questions during the NPU meeting.

“We’ve got all four streetcars in,” Gavin told NPU. “The rails are completed now. The overhead wires are up.”

She said the streetcar system will work with MARTA Breeze Cards. She said the city will begin testing the street cars on the rails in July, and testing will take 60 to 90 days. The project – budgeted at $93 million – is behind schedule and was supposed to open in May, Gavin said. She said the streetcar will open later this year, but there is no projected start date.

According to a project fact-sheet, the proposed streetcar schedule is:

– 5 am to 11 pm weekdays

– 8:30 am to 11:00 pm Saturday

– 9:00 am to 10:30 pm Sunday

Gavin provided a slightly different schedule during the NPU meeting, saying the hours will be:

– 6 am to 11 pm, Monday- Thursday

–  6 am to 1 am, Friday

– 8:30 am 1 am, Saturday

– 9 am to 11 pm, Sunday

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  • Catie

    “She said the streetcar system will work with MARTA Breeze Cards.”

    so, that means my monthly marta card (which is covered by my employer) will cover street car fares, too? not sure how much i’ll use the streetcar, but that’s kind of neat!

  • Robert Butera

    I’m wondering something similar. Can you transfer to/from MARTA at no charge, if you use a breeze card and a standard ride? ($2.50). And I really hope, for tourists, that a Marta day pass will work on it.

    • I asked Sharon Gavin this via email. She says, “The details with MARTA are still being worked out, so I don’t have answers about transfers, yet. People will be able to use MARTA cards with stored value on them. (MARTA cards can have a certain number of trips on them, and they can have stored value.) Of course, as soon as we get some final information about the MARTA transfer possibilities, we’ll put that information out to everyone.”

      • Robert Butera

        MARTAs cards already offer more flexibility than most need. You can add funds, or buy rides. And buy groups of rides. I hope they don’t do anything that makes interconnecting confusing or require different classes of purchases. They just infuriates people, especially visitors.

        Personally, I’d like to suggest that the street car cost one standard MARTA ride, but a single fare is valid all day long during current hours of operation. They could find similar ways to make it work with MARTA transfers. Given the small footprint, this would encourage hopping around downtown.

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