(UPDATED) Witnesses – SUV chased down cyclist

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt June 10, 2014
The location of the June 9 accident. Source: Google Maps

The location of the June 9 incident. Source: Google Maps

This story has been updated. 

Witnesses told Atlanta Police that a red SUV chased down a cyclist who was later found critically injured and transported to Grady Hospital.

The incident happened on the evening of June 9 in Atlanta’s Zone 2 precinct. According to the report, witnesses told police that Gregory Thomas Germani, 50, was riding his bike on Montgomery Ferry Road and was almost hit by “a red SUV type vehicle” turning onto the road from Flagler Avenue.

The official police report lists his last name as “German,” but friends and acquaintances have identified the victim. In addition, Creative Loafing reports that Germani created the Atlanta Time Machine website.

Germani approached the driver and started arguing with him, witnesses said. After the argument ended, witnesses said the SUV chased the cyclist down Flagler Avenue. No one saw the SUV hit the cyclist. Several moments later, they found Germani lying under a silver parked SUV that was parked on the curb and saw the red SUV speeding away, making a right onto Rock Springs Road toward Piedmont Avenue.

Police interviewed six witnesses, according to the report.

“No witnesses on scene were able to provide any further in regards to the description of the red SUV type vehicle,” the police report says.

Germani was transported to Grady.

The report says, “The victim had stable vitals but serious head trauma/injuries and was rushed to surgery.”

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  • guest

    The photo caption says ‘accident’. A better choice of words would be ‘incident’.

  • tracie sanchez

    Last name, of my friend who was hit, is actually Germani.

    • Thank you. I obtained the spelling of the name from the APD report. I have followed up with them and asked them to double check the name for us.

      • tracie sanchez

        Looks like they may have corrected it now according to the bits and pieces flowing through Bike Commuters of Atlanta fb group we belong to and CL. https://www.facebook.com/groups/bikecommutersatl/

        • ann_e

          Is this the Greg Germani that does Atlanta Time Machine website?

          • tracie sanchez

            Yes it is unfortunately.

          • Yes. I have updated the story.

        • Tracie, I have updated the story based on your information. Atlanta Police say the report will stand as approved, unless the victim asks to change it. According to the CL story, he also created the Atlanta Time Machine website.

  • Lee

    Pure and simple attempted murder. It could not be more plain if the assailant were using a gun.

    • Andy

      no kidding lets ban all cars because they kill people. no im serous. you think im kidding.

      • TheDude

        “you think im kidding”
        Sadly, yes…

      • cccmells

        Let’s regulate guns and their users the same way cars and their drivers are regulated. So licensing, operator exams, liability insurance, safety inspections, taxes, etc., etc.

        • Lee

          Boy that degraded to a not related anti 2nd Admendment comment quick.

        • Andrew Dowling

          That person didn’t really understand the stupidity of his correlation. A lot harder to get a driver’s license than own a gun.

      • jericho

        This isn’t the time or place for your gun fetish.

  • Andrew Dowling

    Witnesses and no-one could cite the car model beyond “SUV-type”? Come on people!!!

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