APD says guns allowed at road race

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt July 3, 2014
Illustration. Wikimedia Commons.

Illustration. Wikimedia Commons.

The Peachtree Road Race is tomorrow, July 4, and it takes place three days after House Bill 60, the so-called “guns everywhere” bill went into effect.

On July 3, Atlanta Police released this statement about security at the race:

(Atlanta) As part of the Atlanta Police Department’s overall security plan for the Peachtree Road Race, APD plans to secure the finish line. People entering Piedmont Park will be screened for bombs or explosive devices, but no persons in possession of weapons and/or long guns will be denied entry.

So does this mean people carrying a long gun like a sniper rifle could be allowed to attend the race?

“This means we are going to abide by state law, which does not allow us to prohibit weapons on certain public property,” APD spokesperson Elizabeth Espy said.

Cities in Metro Atlanta are taking measures to secure buildings while still complying with the law. The city of Decatur is still determining how to secure its buildings at a cost that could be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed announced that security guards would be station at the city’s recreation centers.

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  • underscorex

    hooray freedom

  • Chris Billingsley

    More evil gun news I see. I’m willing to bet that over the years, plenty of law abiding gun owners have brought their firearms with them to Decatur events like the beach party, concerts on the square, and yes, even the 4th of July festivities. And for good reasons. While many will take comfort seeing a few armed police officers tonight, others know that the police can’t be everywhere. That’s why I’m glad that the Georgia legislature has clarified where legal firearms can be carried. I’m also proud that our national and state ancestors fought and sometimes died to insure that “… the right of the People to keep AND BEAR ARMS shall NOT be infringed.” Happy Independence Day!

  • Oakhurst ReZ

    And what do you know, nothing happened. You know why? Because the only people legally allowed to bring a weapon to the race would be those that HAVE A PERMIT! These permitted people, including myself, are NOT the people causing the heinous crimes that we see reported in the news. Crazy people do not care about laws nor can you legislate their intent.

    People get so bent out of shape about this issue. It is not a ‘carry anywhere’ law. The city of Decatur does not have to spend any money as a result of this new law. Anyone who says otherwise is sorely misinformed.

    You know, some people are just stuck on stupid; it unfortunately defines our culture at times.

  • MasterWildfire

    Did anyone survive the Peachtree Road Race?
    Was there “blood in the street”?
    Were there “shootouts over parking spots!”?
    Did the sky actually FALL as predicted?

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