Decatur announces Google tours of city buildings

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt July 7, 2014
Decatur City Hall

Decatur City Hall

The City of Decatur claims it is the first municipality in the state to offer Google+ virtual tours of city buildings.

Trusted Photographers of Atlanta produced the virtual tours of city hall, Fire Station No. 1, Fire Station No. 2 and the Decatur Recreation Center.

Here are the links to the tours:

“The City of Decatur is proud to be the first Georgia city to offer virtual Google+ tours of its facilities,” said Mayor Jim Baskett said via press release. “We believe it is a great way to showcase city buildings, all of which have been renovated and updated over the past ten years. Some community members may never set foot inside City Hall, but they can take a look around inside, all from the comfort of their own home. The 360 virtual tour of the Decatur Recreation Center allows viewers to see which rooms can be rented for receptions, events and meetings.”

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  • Chris Billingsley

    Thanks Dan. I planned on attending the meeting tonight but after a tough day, it just ain’t happening. So I would appreciate if anyone would relay this response to the commissioners:
    1. I am opposed to Google using Decatur as a poster child in its efforts to dominate the high speed internet world. Every company should submit a bid to access Decatur’s internet users. I am suspicious of government sponsored corporate handouts but more important than that, fast speed internet, especially specific content, makes me very nervous.
    2. I am opposed to the $70,000 price tag for a trail that connects Olympic Place with Oakhurst. Not only is this an outrageous amount of money but I believe that local homeowners should be willing to raise some/most/all of the money that essentially benefits their neighborhood. I base this on two city parks, Waddell and Glen Creek Preserve, in which private citizens raised the money to purchase the properties which were later donated to the city.
    3. I am opposed to the proposed fees for the new tree ordinance. These fees seem excessive to me and I suggest that all fees associated with the new ordinance be more reasonable during the first year of the new law.
    4. Several months ago,I attended a meeting during which a city employee promised to provide a cost amount to the proposed ordinance to make renovations and new building more “green”. This was promised BEFORE the June budget vote. I have not seen anything in the Decatur blogs concerning this. And finally…
    5. What’s up with the 150 anniversary of the Battle of Decatur (July 22 for the clueless)? Will there be any official recognition or is it up to groups like the Sons/Daughters of the Confederacy (and maybe the Decatur Masonic Lodge) and private citizens to honor the sacrifice of BOTH SIDES involved in the battle? I mean like, what’s up with this??!!

  • Chris Billingsley

    Oh and one more thing…
    6. I am opposed to any additional historical neighborhood designation in the City of Decatur unless that it, it preserves the two remaining Civil War era streets in the city, one of which is the ally next to the Brick Store Pub. The other is, well that’s more personal.

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