Decatur trying to save its grass

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt July 11, 2014
The lawn on the Decatur Square isn't looking too good these days. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt, taken on July 10.

The lawn on the Decatur Square isn’t looking too good these days. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt, taken on July 10.

During the July 7 Decatur City Commission meeting, Commissioner Fred Boykin asked about the grass on the city square, which he described as “a little woebegone.”

“Weren’t we supposed to get some kind of grass that was just going to be great and look beautiful all the time,” Boykin asked.

Assistant City Manager David Junger said a city contractor would visit the square to fertilize and top dress it.

Boykin said in some places the lawn on the square “looks like dirt.”

“I don’t know what top dressing is going to do for that,” he said.

“It’s organic material,” Junger said. “It’s going to help.”

Lyn Menne, Decatur’s Assistant City Manager in charge of Community and Economic Development, blamed lawn’s lackluster performance on the weather.

“I think one of the things that we found out, just in bringing the landscape architect back, last summer was a very wet and relatively cool summer and it just never had a chance to get established,” she said.

Menne said the city has tried to figure out how to reestablish the grass in between the Decatur’s festival seasons.

The square has seen plenty of traffic lately with summer festivals and, most recently, a July 4 fireworks show that drew hundreds of people to the city’s downtown.

“It gets a heck of a lot of use,” Boykin said.

That it does.

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  • Kevin

    Artificial turf looks really nice nowadays. I wonder if this is the route to go, especially with a contained and high traffic area such as this?

    Maybe the cost or wear would be too excessive?

    • EidleonDrexel

      I play soccer on field turf fields. You can see it at the High School field. It is very wear resistant. But, it gets hot on a sunny summer day. The black rubber pebbles that hold up the artifical grass blades absorb the solar energy, heat up and release it as the sun goes downs. Nothing really matches a nice grass field.

  • Frankly

    This was a pretty expensive job with drainage and irrigation. A performance clause would not be unusual, or is this the same guarantee as the faux-brick crosswalks?

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