Doh! Brick Store flunks health inspection

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt July 17, 2014
The Brick Store Pub. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

The Brick Store Pub. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

This story has been updated. The Brick Store has issued a response to its most recent health inspection. To read it, click here

UPDATE JULY 24: Brick store was re-inspected on Thursday and received a score of 96. To read that story, click here

The Brick Store Pub, a famous Decatur institution, recently failed its health inspection, according to records published by the DeKalb County Board of Health.

Health inspectors visited the restaurant on July 14 and gave the Brick Store a score of 59, which is considered unsatisfactory.

Among the issues noted in the report:

– The inspector observed an employee handling raw fish then change gloves and continue making food without first washing their hands.

– The inspector saw pre-cooked turkey stored with raw ground beef, raw ground pork sausage and raw pork belly.

– The inspector found potentially hazardous foods that weren’t being cooled at an appropriate temperature.

– The inspector noticed bartenders making drinks “without using effective means to restrain hair longer than half an inch.”

– Employees did not use “an effective means of restraint for hair, beard, or mustache longer than ½ inch,” the inspector wrote.

Decaturish contacted Brick Store but was told a manager wasn’t available. A manager did tell WSB-TV that every violation is being addressed prior to a re-inspection next week. According to the report, the repairman showed up to fix the coolers while the inspector was on site.

The last inspection date for Brick Store was August of 2013. The restaurant made a B, scoring 81.

To read the full report, click here.

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  • Hubbubalub

    I know that the Brick Store had their walk in fridge break down the day before inspection, which was the main reason things were off in the kitchen. People who haven’t worked in food service don’t have a real idea of how the health inspection works, and how things can affect your score that don’t really matter.

    • MR

      Ummm… cooked food being stored with raw meat does really matter. As does food not being cooled to proper temperatures. And not washing hands – the key way to transmit food borne illness. If the employee doesn’t do it after handling raw fish, when else does he/she not do it?! All great ways to get really sick!

      • Radgirl63

        The repoort said the person changed gloves after handing the fish (but did not wash hands in between the glove change); at least the dirty gloves did not touch other food.

    • Slay

      yeah i’m sure the things that really affect the score just aren’t relevant or important.

  • Frankly

    How does one restrain hair, or beard or mustache longer than 1/2″ satisfactorily (without looking ridiculous)? Are they all gonna be wearing little scrub hats over their heads and beards? Can’t wait to see!

    • volleyjacket

      I was wondering this myself. Hopefully that isn’t more than a point deduction.

    • Robert

      Also, at what temperature are you supposed to store tomatoes & onions? I always keep onions out and tomatoes that will be eaten shortly are left out as well. Refrigerating tomatoes messes with their flavor.

      • mooch

        It just means that they didn’t tie their hair back.

  • Rick Derris

    59???? I love the Brick Store but that’s horrifying. In some cases restaurants have been shut down for scores that low.
    I’m sure they’re working to get it back up but damn.

  • underscorex

    So what you’re saying is there’s no wait at Brick Store this weekend?

  • Mike Reeves

    Health inspections often heavily rely on who is your inspector. Also if the inspector likes you are not. No matter how clean a kitchen or bar is they can always find something to hit your score with. I have been through over 15 inspections and can tell you that they are going to show up during peak hours. Don’t feel bad Brick Store. People fail inspections all the time due to there is always something new that violates a health code. Yes people the rules change every year.

  • Hey Now!

    It’s not like an 81 is really that great. That’s like being George W Bush in a class…I’ll never return here again!

  • Franklin

    Hipsters unite!

  • Decaturite

    I was at Brick Store the Saturday night after this came out and it was more crowded that usual. Decatur supports Brick Store!

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