Gun rights advocate ‘baffled’ by Valdosta report

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt July 2, 2014
Illustration of the infamous duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Source: Wikimedia commons

Illustration of the infamous duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Source: Wikimedia commons

Georgia’s new gun law took effect on July 1 and already there are allegations that it is causing trouble.

The executive director of the state’s leading gun-rights group sees no connection between the new law and the incident reported in Valdosta, Ga.

The Valdosta Daily Times reports that on July 1 police arrested a man after a “misunderstanding” between two customers at a convenience store. Police said a customer was inside the convenience store with a gun on his hip when a second man, who also had a gun on his hip, walked in.

The first customer demanded to see the other man’s license. When he didn’t comply, the first customer pulled his gun out but did not point it at the second customer. To read the full story, click here.

The article doesn’t draw a direct link between the new law and the incident, but notes that it occurred the day that House Bill 60 – the so-called “guns everywhere” law – took effect.

No one – including police – can ask to see a license, according to the new law.

Jerry Henry, executive director of the pro-gun rights group Georgia Carry, said he is baffled by the report.

“I can’t imagine what would possess a guy to approach someone else and demand to see the license,” Henry said.  “If the guy in the store owned the store he can ask because it’s on private property.”

The Valdosta police chief told The Times that he has concerns about the new law creating more misunderstandings involving firearms. Henry dismissed that idea.

“I don’t think it has anything to do with the law,” Henry said.

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  • Dugg

    There is no requirement to have any sort of license to wear a firearm openly on your person. Concealed carry permits only apply to concealed weapons.

    • Josh

      I don’t think that’s correct. Non weapons permit holders can openly carry a rifle, but not a hand gun (concealed or openly).

    • spencer60

      Incorrect, you have to have a permit to carry a pistol openly. A long gun is OK as long as it’s unloaded.

  • spencer60

    This had nothing to do with the new law… it was a senile ex-cop trying to hassle a neighbor.

  • Chris Billingsley

    Thanks Josh and Spence. Years ago, when something called The Plantation Cafeteria existed in Decatur, I recall one of the owners carrying a pistol strapped to his waist while working. It may be unusual today to see an open carry in Decatur but in the past, before the chi-chi’s took over the City, I suspect that firearms were much more common in Decatur. And of course, they still are. Those who believe that firearm ownership is one part of a secure home or business just don’t advertise it as much.
    FYI- The Plantation Cafeteria was first located across from the Decatur Federal building but later moved to where Fedelity Bank and the Marriott join on Clairemont. That was some mighty good eat in’ back in the day. I would like to see some old pics of this institution if anyone has any.

  • annaaurora

    Can’t see why this would have anything to do with the new law. Ohhhweee doesn’t look too good from up north.

  • annaaurora

    You have to have a license to carry a handgun OC, and a permit for a long gun. Either way it you can’t ask for anyone’s paperwork so it’s moot. So carry on as you carry your protection from one another and of course those who’s original ancestors were born closer to the sun than us.

    • underscorex

      What’s that mean?

      “those who’s original ancestors were born closer to the sun than us.”

      Do you mean Venus? Mercury? Are you suggesting there are extraterrestrials here on Earth and that we need to arm ourselves?

      Please explain yourself.

  • PackinUSMC

    You have to have the mind of a child to be baffled by this.

  • underscorex


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