‘Hello’ – Injured cyclist speaks

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt July 8, 2014
A photo of Greg Germani with his dog, Ruby. Photo provided by Beth Anne Harrill

A photo of Greg Germani with his dog, Ruby. Photo provided by Beth Anne Harrill

Greg Germani said “hello” today, one of the first words he’s spoken in almost a month.

It’s the first time he’s been able to talk since June 9. Atlanta Police allege a man driving a Dodge Nitro intentionally ran the cyclist down after the two men argued following near collision on Montgomery Ferry Road in Atlanta’s Piedmont Heights community.

Germani, a Decatur resident, also is the man behind the popular Atlanta Time Machine website.

Germani’s girlfriend Beth Anne Harrill, gave his friends an update on his condition via Facebook.

“He was able to say ‘hello’ and ‘I’m fine’ in response to questions by the medical staff on three occasions,” she wrote. “Happy tears today, definitely. This is a big step, coupled with his gradually improving alertness.”

While Germani’s condition continues to improve, there’s no word on how close police are to catching the man accused of putting him in the hospital.

Atlanta Police found the Dodge Nitro they believe was used in the June 9 incident. The driver faces a charge of aggravated assault.

Atlanta Police Officer John Chafee said on July 8 there are no updates in the case.

There will be a benefit for Germani on Saturday, Aug. 2, starting at 7 pm at the Star Bar. The admission price is $10.

The case incensed cyclists and prompted an outpouring of public support. A Crime Stoppers reward fund established in the case raised almost $30,000 for information that would lead police to the suspect. The fund generated dozens of tips.

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly identified where the assault took place. It was in Piedmont Heights, which is near Morningside. 

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  • jackets13

    Happy news!! Praying for a full recovery

  • Great news about Greg. I can’t believe nobody has offered up useful information leading to the arrest of that scumbag driver.

  • Jimmy Radio

    Excellent news. Keep on a-healing, sir.

  • MAH

    “that would lead police to the suspect.”

    They have the vehicle with front end damage, what does this story mean, “that would lead”. How hard is it to get a warrant for the owner of the truck?

    • Intellectual_Honesty

      The owner of the truck may or may not have been the person who was driving it when it hit the cyclist.

      • Sick_Pleasure

        Seriously, the APD certainly knows:
        – Registered owner of the vehicle in Michigan
        – Registered resident of the Gables apartment which parked the vehicle in their garage
        – if neither of the above was driving the vehicle that day, I assume they know who was, otherwise why take the effort to conceal it

        APD, if you can’t locate the driver given the above information, why not issue a name and a Be on the Loookout For alert so the public can help. Enough time has gone by!

  • Kikiwamu

    I’d love to see the cycling community do a group ride along Germani’s daily route as a fundraising and awareness raiser!!

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