Man punches woman, steals Mercedes in Edgewood

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt July 8, 2014
Illustration. Source: Wikimedia commons

Illustration. Source: Wikimedia commons

A woman had a harrowing experience at the Target shopping center in Edgewood over the weekend.

According to Atlanta Police reports, on July 5 around noon, the victim was leaving her black Mercedes Benz in the lower deck of the Target parking garage “and stepped out of the car to go into the store.”

“She stated that as she walked to the rear of her vehicle a black male wearing a green shirt punched her in the head and she fell on the ground,” the police report says. “She advised that the male took her purse and car keys and then stated ‘stay on the ground or I will f*&%ing kill you.'”

She told police she did what the man said. She said the man got in her car, put the vehicle in reverse and she had to roll away to avoid being run over, according to the report.

Zone 6 officers canvassed the area and police issued a bulletin, according to the report. The victim was transported to Piedmont Hospital for her injuries. Police haven’t been able to obtain security footage of the incident.

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  • Steve W.

    Always have my spidey senses turned way up in that garage, because you just feel just so vulnerable. Hate that this happened, but it really was just a matter of when. Stay safe folks.

  • M

    I know this woman, and she’s alert and aware of her surroundings. She parked exactly where I park when I shop at that Target. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to shop there again.

  • Phil Evans

    The victim said that “safety measures need to be improved in that area”.

    I bring my safety measure (a pistol) with me everywhere I go. She could do the same thing, and voila!, better safety measures.

    This incident is futher proof that cameras will merely record your assault, and police will take your statement afterwards – if you survive.

    If the victim felt before that she didn’t need to carry a firearm, she’s probably rethinking that now. Don’t be a soft target folks, be a hard target.

    • blackbird13

      What a dumb comment. At point would this woman have made use of a gun? Before she was rushed and punched nearly to the point of unconsciousness? Just how would that have worked? If she had been carrying a gun in her purse, guess who would have it now? The criminals.

      • Phil Evans

        Why yes, before she was rushed, if she was truly alert and aware of her surroundings as “M” stated below. Or while on the ground she could have fired a pistol – she was alert and physically able enough to roll out of the way of the car even while knocked down.

        I don’t know, I guess I have confidence in women to use those complex tools called firearms. But apparently you don’t. Maybe you are not sexist. Maybe you are just an equal opportunity “progressive” that believes no one can effectively defend themself with a gun.

    • Leif Terry

      Without giving away too many details, the victim both has a gun and the training to use it in close combat scenarios. She did not have her gun with her that day and we are all quite thankful for that. If she had it, there was 0% chance of her being able use it in her defense, and a decent chance it would have been used against her (her car was). Best case scenario is that the criminals would have it to commit future crimes with.

      There are scenarios in which having a gun could improve the situation, just as there are scenarios in which having one make the situation much worse. We can argue if you want about which is more common, but this was definitely one of the latter.

      Maybe you think that it can’t happen to you. Or maybe you think that (as some many seem to) that having a gun on you means you can’t be knocked out by blows to the head. That sounds like dangerous thinking to me.

      • Phil Evans

        Really? She has training on how to use a gun, but could not have used it successfully to defend herself? You’re positive? So much for confidence in people with training, lol. Or is it just ladies with guns you can’t be confident in. (wink wink)

        Was she truly knocked silly to the point she could not have used it? Yes yes, I know a blow to the head could knock a person out, and never implied such could not, whether the person was armed or not, Mr. Leif Strawman.

        • Leif Terry

          She was better off not having a gun. That was her assessment (not mine), one that she is uniquely and unusually qualified to make.

          Given that, I find the pro-gun carry talk on this thread to be in extremely poor taste. Of course, this is the internet. Intelligence and decorum are not exactly norms here.

          • Phil Evans

            Sorry to offend your delicate taste and decorum. I know, discussing carrying a weapon in regard to a criminal attack is just so…icky, LOL.

            Holding back pertinent details is not exactly conducive to productive discussions. You should have said at the start that it was her assessment that she was better off without a gun in that situation. I better understand the victim now.

            I wonder, since she does have a gun and has a license to carry it, just how will she know when it will be in her best interest not to carry it? Sounds like a dangerous choice she has to make each time she goes out of her house. I wonder how she will handle the stress of it?

            It sounds like she still has the mindset of a victim. She survived this criminal encounter without her gun, maybe she will survive the next one without it as well. Better to just lie still and let the criminal decide if you will live or die.

            Give them what they want, and just maybe they will show pity on your life. Must be annoying to let a criminal make that choice for you, but hey that’s life, right? Perhaps in your anti-gun wisdom you could persuade your friend to get rid of her gun – for her own safety. You will try, won’t you?

          • Jackson

            Lots of baggage there, Phil. Good luck with that. More importantly, a speedy recovery to the victim. Send our best, Leif.

  • robertg222

    Oh what surprise that the crooks now know that Target customers are easy Targets because they are unarmed because of Targets gun free zone policy. I will never shop is a gun free store. It is just to unsafe. Gun control only makes the law abiding unsafe.

    • blackbird13

      Yeah, I’m sure that’s exactly what they were thinking.

    • Graybeard

      Yea I’m sure it’s the gun policy and not the fact that the parking garage is dimly lit and lightly patrolled…

      • MasterWildfire

        . . . and the customers unarmed at the request of the store.

  • cris

    Surely Target made vast improvements in their video security capacity after asking patrons not to protect themselves….So, where’s the video??

  • Goose

    Gun free, I conceal carry my gun everywhere , Target’s not going to change that.

    • MasterWildfire

      But by Target advertising that they offer unarmed prey, it increases the likelihood that you’ll need your gun.

      It’s just not worth the additional risk.

  • CommonCents

    i wouldnt go anywhere in ATL metro w/out a weapon. That town is a major powder keg of crime.

  • Jimmy Hogjowels

    Once you announce yourself as defenseless like Target, the predatory animals show up. Obviously Target does not have the well being of their customers in mind.
    It appears Target is wanting to go bankrupt by driving customers away.

  • Sadie


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