Market signs lease with Avondale Mayor

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt July 28, 2014
Ed Rieker with the owners of Oak Grove Market. Source:

Ed Rieker with the owners of The Market in Avondale. Source:

This story has been updated. 

Avondale Estates Mayor Ed Rieker continues to add tenants to his Tudor Square building, situated in the city’s historic downtown.

The latest company to sign a lease is The Market in Avondale, according to the Tudor Square Facebook page. The announcement from Tudor Square said the store will be owned by the same owners of the Oak Grove Market on LaVista Road in greater Decatur, but The Market in Avondale says its unaffiliated with that company.

Tudor Square announced the new store on July 24.

“Same owners as Oak Grove, same great meat, deli and food, ” the Tudor Square Facebook page says. “Different name.”

The building will be located at 10 North Clarendon Avenue. Tomorrow’s News Today notes that the space was formerly home to the Thumbs Up Diner. The Market is planning to open in September, according to its newly-created Facebook page.

The Market in Avondale joins the Watts Whiskey Distillery and the Garage Door Studio. According to the company’s website, Rieker is still looking for a restaurant to move into Tudor Square, located at 119 Center Street.

“The restaurant will join an exciting, energetic culinary community at the heart of Avondale Estates and will enjoy one of the finest restaurant spaces in the city,” The Tudor Square website says. “The 2,300 square foot restaurant space also includes over 1,000 square feet of additional potential outdoor seating.”

According to property tax records, Rieker owns four parcels downtown, which he purchased in June 2013 for $539,800.

Here is a Google Map showing the specific parcels owned by Rieker in downtown Avondale:

Each property owned by Rieker is noted with a red marker. Source: Google Maps. (Note, this map clarifies an earlier map. The third red marker on the left was a notch too far to the right in the initial map.)

Each property owned by Rieker is noted with a red marker. Source: Google Maps. (Note, this map clarifies an earlier version posted this morning. The the bottom red marker on the left was a notch too far to the right in the initial version of this map because of the way Google rendered the addresses.)


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  • Julie

    The street behind the Tudor Village (north of Tudor Square) is incorrectly labelled as Franklin Street in the map: that road is Potter.

    • Duly noted. For whatever reason, Google Maps lists it as Franklin.

      • Julie

        And, I meant “south of Tudor Square”. See, never trust anything you read on the internet.

        • I am a, “Trust but verify” kind of person myself.

  • MIA

    It is for the record not Oak Grove Market’s second location. It is the wife of one of the owners of Oak Grove whom is venturing out on her own. Thanks,
    The Market in Avondale

    • Thanks for clarifying. My original reporting was based on info released by Tudor Square on its Facebook page.

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