Video shows attack on trans woman in Little Five

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt July 3, 2014
A screenshot from a video depicting an attack on a transgender woman in Atlanta's Little Five Points community.

A screenshot from a video depicting an attack on a transgender woman in Atlanta’s Little Five Points community.

UPDATE at 6:55 pm, July 3: The GA Voice got in touch with the person who shot the video. The person, who hasn’t been identified, has taken down the video and told the GA Voice the victim wasn’t attacked because she is transgender. To read the full story, click here

A video posted online Tuesday showing a vicious attack on a transgender woman in Little Five Points quickly went viral, but there’s a lack of information about the incident.

Employees of the businesses that surround the scene of the attack didn’t see or hear anything strange. The video was posted on Tuesday but it’s unclear when the incident occurred.

Here is the video, which was uploaded by Patrick Saunders with the GA Voice. It contains disturbing images and explicit language. UPDATE: The video has been removed because it violated YouTube’s terms of service.

The victim hasn’t been identified.

The Atlanta Police Department is taking the matter seriously, Sgt. Greg Lyon said.

“Investigators went to the area last night to search for the victim/witnesses but have not located anyone,” Lyon said. “They are continuing their investigation today to try and find a victim.”

Lyon did not know when the attack occurred. No one filed a police report about the incident. visited the businesses around the scene of the attack on July 3 to find out if anyone had seen anything.

Peter McBride, who works at Stratosphere Skateboards, said he is usually working at the store and didn’t see anything.

Employees at Junkmans Daughter, which is next to Stratosphere, said they didn’t notice anything either. They noted that there’s been parking attendants in place all week long because of people watching the World Cup events, but the attendant didn’t report anything. Also, word travels quickly in Little Five and they said they hadn’t heard about it until Decaturish approached them on July 3.

Manager Amber Moore is surprised that the attack occurred in broad daylight and no one called police.

“I would’ve assumed somebody would’ve heard,” she said.

Ditto at Aurora Coffee, which is also next to Stratosphere. Baristas there said that they were told about the incident but didn’t witness it.

Decaturish asked Lyon whether police had any questions about the authenticity of the video.

“It looks real to me,” Lyon said. “Zone 6 investigators are on this and trying to contact the victim.”

The GA Voice first broke the story, and noted that there was also a filmed attack on two transgendered women in May at a MARTA station. Police officers arrested two men in connection with that incident, the GA Voice reported.

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  • Ryan

    I just called APD to give them the victims
    name. They wouldn’t even take his name from me. They said there is no
    investigation because the victim didn’t file the proper report. Am I missing
    something? I wonder how many murder victims come in and file the proper report-
    those are still investigated.

    • Erin Fuller

      do you know who the victim is can you share that please? there are a lot of people concerned for him

  • The Oreo

    An unbiased source here at Decaturish if I’ve ever seen one! Welcome to the progressive utopia, where left is right, right is the language of Neanderthals, and if a beautiful trans-otherkin-womyn of power assaults a black brother and the black brother retaliates (he called him the N word), then the beautiful trans-womyn is in the right, the brother is in the wrong, and all hail king Obama!

  • Delphi Omally

    The video shows the victim The victim is standing on a public sidewalk outside of a business. The victim is only being verbal. The victim is shown in a defenseless position on her back on the sidewalk and does not have a weapon. Belligerent and bellicose behavior is a disturbance and no more. Police get paid to handle this.

    What the video shows is this person in a defenseless position being assaulted…not just contact (battery) but assaulted by a big man who appears to be in the military. The violent man is wearing an “Air Force” T-shirt. There are some Air Force facilities in the Georgia area. I was an AF MP. Military people are subject not only to Penal Codes outside a base, but also to the UCMJ. This man, if found and convicted, and if he is a military man, faces the very real possibility of military discharge.

    There is video evidence that identifies both the victim and the perpetrator. This violent man was not engaging in justifiable use of force to defend himself. This violent man, as the video shows, is so violent that he attempted serious injury by going for the victim’s head. Because a head striking a hard concrete surface can and has caused death by kicking, it is not a stretch to accuse the perpetrator of attempted murder. It is one thing to strike someone in the head with a closed fist, and quite another to do so with the force of body weight distributed by and centered by a foot. This man is a violent man. This man is a very violent man. This man is so violent that he cared little about being videotaped in broad daylight attempting to strike someone’s head onto a concrete floor. It doesn’t matter what sex/gender, age, of the person. The video shows not what he tried to do, but what he did. If not caught this violent man is capable of committing murder, as proven by striking someone at or near the head while on the ground.

    The APD MUST be provided a copy of the video….and the victim MUST go file citizen arrest charges on this violent man. He has no place as a free man in civilized society.of assault standing *outside* of any business. Even if the victim was “committing a public offense” by creating a disturbance, we are not a nation of vigilante justice. The APD should have been summoned, not a ruthless violent coward who believes manhood is proven by stomping a female on the ground.

  • Brian

    The video has been taken down. Does anyone have a mirror?

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