Woohoo! – Brick Store aces health inspection

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt July 24, 2014
Brick Store's new health score, a 96. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Brick Store’s new health score, a 96. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

The DeKalb County Health Department gave The Brick Store Pub a do-over on its health inspection, and the famous restaurant did much better the second time.

Bricks Store’s new score is 96, an improvement over the 59 the store received on July 14. Brick Store employees and their defenders say the restaurant caught some bad luck on the first inspection. The coolers were malfunctioning that day and a repairman showed up while the inspector was on site.

Assistant General Manager Erin Sargent spoke to Decaturish on July 24, hours after the inspector completed their work.

Sargent said the Health Department offered Brick Store the opportunity to do a mock inspection before the July 24 visit to educate the employees and give them an opportunity to ask questions.

“We’re committed to serving delicious, safe food,” Sargent said. “That’s what we do every day. The one day she came we were having mechanical issues. We’re still committed.”

She said business held steady in the period between the failing health score and the passing one.

Brick Store was doing brisk business on a rainy Thursday afternoon. A city of Decatur employee was enjoying an early dinner and customers shared a laugh at the bar. As a reporter stood at the hostess station waiting to speak to Sargent, several customers lined up behind him to wait for a table.



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  • joe

    on a retest inspection, the only items checked are the ones that were out on the first inspection, so the only things graded were what was wrong the first time.

  • @hanna_hurley

    Ate there often!
    Loved the food & location!
    Not ever again!
    When a restaurant dips deep into the sludge and bacteria bowl and doesn’t fix it until receiving a 59… It is over for me.
    How bad must it get? Who are these people who are so careless with their patrons’ health?
    Sorry guys, no second chances on a 59! Even if you now have a 96. Too late!
    I can get rancid food anywhere, but choose not to!

    • restaurant worker

      Hanna, not sure if you’ve ever worked in the food industry before, but if you have concerns about the cleanliness of the food you’re being served, you better never eat in a restaurant again. Even the best restaurants in town make mistakes with refrigeration temperatures, cleaning products, leaving food out for too long, etc. Until restaurants are staffed by robots, you’d better just hope for the best.

    • Excellent. Less of a wait for the rest of us.

      Did you care to learn the circumstances of the 59 grade? Have you kept up with the grading they’ve received in the past?

  • Patsy Neal

    Thank you to the inspector who caught these issues. Inspections are constructive criticism and I’m happy to hear the pub will be addressing not only their score (it’s just a number), but cleaning up behaviors in the kitchen. Now if they can get rid of the flies swarming the tables that I experienced during my last visit that would be a bonus, too.

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