Brookhaven more exciting than Decatur

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt August 12, 2014
File photo: A dancer performs with Conundrums at the Decatur Arts Festival. Photo by Ralph Ellis

File photo: A dancer performs with Conundrums at the Decatur Arts Festival. Photo by Ralph Ellis

If you’re looking for excitement in Decatur, you might want to try Brookhaven first, according to real estate website

Movoto released its list of the “10 Most Exciting Places in Georgia,” a list based on how much cities offer in terms of nightlife, green space, restaurants and percentage of residents age 18 to 34.

Decatur placed No. 7. Brookhaven was No. 1.

“Brookhaven may be a suburb of Atlanta, but clearly, this place is doing just fine on its own,” Movoto says. “Not only did it have a higher percentage of young people than Atlanta (39.26 versus 34.13), it also had more nightlife, music venues, and arts per capita than the capital city.”

Atlanta was No. 2, followed by Marietta, Duluth, Kennesaw and Savannah.

The age of Decatur’s population was one of the reasons for its lower ranking, according to the website. The city ranked 41 out of 50 cities the company examined for the percentage of residents age 18 to 34.

“Decatur may not exactly be the youngest place on our list (it ranked 41st out of 50 here), and sure its motto is ‘A city of homes, schools, and churches,’ but as our analysis shows, it’s still plenty exciting,” Movoto said.  “In fact, Decatur ranked third in the categories of both nightlife and arts, second for its dense population (a whopping 4,527 people per square mile, where cities like Athens only had 992), and most impressive of all, first for its number of active life options per capita. Really, who needs young people anyway?”

But don’t feel too bad about your lower ranking, Decatur. You still beat Statesboro, No. 8, Athens, No. 9, and Roswell, No. 10.

If Decatur gets too boring for you, there’s always Brookhaven.

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  • tracie sanchez

    Can one walk and bike everywhere there? That is the key question for me.

    • underscorex

      Walk and bike to what? Publix? Oglethorpe? That one row of shops on Dresden that’s kind of cool?

      • tracie sanchez

        No idea b/c i’ve never been there, it was a bigger point which i think has now been made. Staying in Decatur. 😉

        • underscorex

          I worked in Brookhaven for a while – getting to most of the cool stuff requires negotiating Peachtree, which is 4-5 lanes and 45-50 mph through there.
          Either you had to cross it or go down it.

  • william whitley

    Brookhaven has it’s share of drive by shootings and nightlife problems we mostly avoid here. I find good public schools and great food exciting, but I’m over 34 yo.

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