CSD using cameras to stop illegal bus passing

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt August 1, 2014
A city schools of Decatur bus. Illustration. Photo from CSD Facebook page.

A city schools of Decatur bus. Illustration. Photo from CSD Facebook page.

City Schools of Decatur will use new technology to crack down on drivers who try to illegally pass stopped school buses.

According to a press release, the school system has hired American Traffic Solutions and will use its CrossingGuard®, ATS’ technology to catch violators.

The press release says, “External cameras capture an image of a vehicle’s license plate and a brief video clip of the entire violation event.”

The company claims that 99 percent of people who have been caught using its camera system haven’t received a second violation.

“Our priority is keeping students as safe as possible going to and from school,” Superintendent Phyllis Edwards said in the press release.

Decatur Police also produced this PSA on the new camera system:

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  • Michael

    I’m disappointed that Decatur City is outsourcing it’s police power to a private corporation in Arizona. This corporation has been a party to multiple lawsuits and has a history of dubious practices. If this issue is a problem, Decatur could place cameras on their buses themselves and let Decatur Police and a court of law handle any reports from bus drivers of illegal passing.

  • Chris Billingsley

    Thanks Michael. What I found hard to believe is that so many vehicles illegal pass CSD busses every day. I attended the commission meeting when the proposal was brought up. The number of illegal passes per day was based on bus driver surveys. I was suspicious of the number of illegal passes reported but the Decatur police supported the proposal. Will the new technology really make our children safer or will it only raise revenue for the city? We shall see!

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