Dear Decaturish – Truth in numbers isn’t profiling

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt August 20, 2014
Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

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Profiling is one thing.  I don’t want to see the City of Decatur police to have their hands tied, because too many tickets, insurance checks, speeding, texting while driving go without being addressed. That is what has happened in DeKalb County.

I live on Sycamore Drive. I see more and more drivers use this as a cut through, speeding, texting and driving etc.

Periodic road blocks on Ponce between Commerce and DeKalb Industrial Way to check for driver’s licenses and insurance cards would be a way to address profiling.  I think the city would be surprised what this action would produce.

How about enforcing lane changes without a blinker!!!!   Do we want people who want to be excused from this enforcement in our neighborhoods anyway??

The truth in the numbers are facts, not profiling.

– Terry Roberts, Decatur

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  • decatur dude

    This is entirely illogical – it in no way supports the idea that the police should profile in Decatur. The examples given (speeding, texting, etc.) are legitimate reasons for the police to stop someone. This is the enforcement of our laws. If the police were profiling, they would be targeting specific populations/groups because these groups have a history of committing crimes. One should target people who break the law, not a particular group that is likely to commit a crime.

  • DrPedro84

    I concur. I live at Ponce/Church, and the traffic violations are atrocious and contribute to increased noise pollution. I, for one, support the Decatur Police. Also, more police on bikes would be great, too.

  • Graybeard

    “I don’t think we should profile, instead, police should toss the 4th Amendment out completely and just search everybody! Problem solved!”

  • decatur strayer

    What am I missing? How are the hands of the Decatur Police tied? How about they enforce the laws without regard to race? If they are doing that- great. What do road blocks, which should be unconstitutional, have to to do with failing to use turn signals? Under GA law, a turn signal is only required when it is necessary to let other cars know where you are going. Say NO to road blocks. I’ll hang on to what’s left of my 4th amendment rights, thanks.

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