Dragon Con: Day 1

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt August 29, 2014
View of the skyline outside the Westin.

View of the skyline outside the Westin. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Good morning, Dragon Con. While everything officially starts today, people began picking up their badges, crowding the elevators and mingling in the various hotels on Thursday.

I just want to say: I don’t know what they’ve done differently with the pre-registration line this year, but please keep doing it. I was in an out of thereĀ in under 15 minutes. That has never happened in seven years of going to this thing. It was a model of efficiency, like a factory cranking out happiness.

More, please.

Patrick Stewart’s panel is at 1 pm today, so I am definitely going to snag a seat for that. I also want to try and hit up some of the fiction writers panels today and one of the “Venture Brothers” panels.

Here are some of the photos I took last night. I’ll try to name the characters if I can. More to follow …

This guy is staying in our room. Scary.

The Scarecrow is staying in our room. Scary.



Charlie Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplin.

This is a ceiling view of the Marriott. And it keeps going, and going ...

This is a ceiling view of the Marriott. And it keeps going, and going …

Storm Trooper and Darth Maul

Storm Trooper and Darth Maul

No idea.

Katamari character

Uncle Sam!

Uncle Sam!

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  • Thisten

    Dan, how far in advance do you need to line up to get in to see someone as popular as Patrick Stewart? Would you please explain the process a little more?

    • The Patrick Stewart panel is at the Marriott. No one can line up for it until noon. It’s a good practice. Otherwise there’d be no way for anyone else to get around it. Hope that helps

      • Thisten

        Thanks Dan! Have a great time! Once again it seems like they’ve lined up some fantastic guests.

    • Nicki Salcedo

      You line up, but they will stop the line at some point and you will be directed to other events. He reached capacity, but the other choices were good. I heard no complaining from my friends who got in and no complain from friends who went to see second choices. Karl Urban is not a bad second choice, even though Patrick Stewart is my boyfriend.

  • Robert Butera

    Dan – post DCon, email me if you want to interview one of the minds behind this year’s registration awesomeness. I’ll pass on his contact info.

    And that Marriott photo you took reminds me of the resurrection ship in BSG.

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