Oakhurst Elementary teacher takes Hall of Fame job

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt August 11, 2014
Terry LeCount, a former NFL wide receiver and paraprofessional at Oakhurst Elementary, tells his story about being stopped by Decatur Police. LeCount and other residents gathered on March 30 to discuss how to deal with perceived racial profiling by police officers. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Terry LeCount, a former NFL wide receiver and paraprofessional at Oakhurst Elementary, tells his story about being stopped by Decatur Police. LeCount and other residents gathered on March 30 to discuss how to deal with perceived racial profiling by police officers. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

This story has been updated. 

A former NFL wide receiver left his job at Oakhurst Elementary to take a job at the College Football Hall of Fame.

Terry LeCount is a former NFL wide receiver. He worked as a paraprofessional at Oakhurst Elementary. According to the agenda posted for the Aug. 12 City Schools of Decatur Board of Education meeting, LeCount has left the school. His last day was May 30, 2014.

The Hall of Fame, located on Marietta Street in Atlanta, will open later this month.

LeCount played for the San Francisco 49ers and the Minnesota Vikings. He was also named a Decatur Hometown Hero in 2010 for his work with kids in Decatur.

LeCount was also in the news this year for a different reason. He was one of several men who claimed to have been racially profiled by Decatur Police.

During a community meeting held on March 30, LeCount and other black men described their treatment by Decatur Police officers.

LeCount said during that meeting he was stopped by an officer while walking near Agnes Scott. The officer told him he “fit the description of somebody,” LeCount said.

LeCount assumed most people know who he is.

“I would think since I’ve been here for so long, most people if you see me, you would know me,” he said. “They know me for the things that I do. I work with kindergarteners. Most people know me as the guy that works with the little bitty kids.”

Former City Schools of Decatur Board of Education member Don Denard first brought allegations about racial profiling to the Decatur City Commission’s attention in January, which touched off a lengthy community discussion about the issue. An internal police department investigation cleared the officer involved.

City leaders responded by putting $25,000 in the budget to address concerns about racial profiling, but there’s been no formal announcement about what the city intends to do. Denard, representing the newly-formed Decatur Community Coalition, made several recommendations during a City Commission meeting in April.

Editor’s note: Several Oakhurst readers objected to my original headline. It’s normally not my practice to change headlines based on isolated criticism. However, several readers made some very valid points about why the original headline could be construed as misleading. That was certainly not my intent, and headline writing is not an exact science. But we are accountable to our readers, and they made a good case for changing the headline. So I did. If you want to take me to task for my original headline, please submit a letter to the editor to editor@decaturish.com. 

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  • Kathleen

    We will miss Mr LeCount very much!! We are happy for him though because he left for a great opportunity!!

  • Annoyed Resident

    Horrible. This wonderful community is turning into the suburbs that I escaped in hopes of finding a place where everyone belongs. This place is on the verge of becoming Buckhead. Keep Oakhurst KIND.

    • NoNewsIsNoNews

      Say wha?

  • Doug

    It’s a shame that he is identified primarily as someone who claimed profiling instead of someone who touched so many kids’ and families’ lives at Oakhurst. We will always remember the confidence that he helped to instill in our daughter. It was a sad day for our family when we found out he left the school, but we wish him the best (although we selfishly, and for the other members of the community, hope that he returns to the school someday).

  • Mike M

    I agree with Doug – this headline really doesn’t live up to what Mr. LeCount has accomplished both in his life before and during his time at Oakhurst. Mr. LeCount has been a fixture of Oakhurst for many years, and we are all sad that he will no longer be in the elementary school. The new opportunity sounds too good to pass up, though, and we all wish him well. (And GO Gators! Please look up his storied history with U of F football to be inspired.)

  • TRW

    Mr. LeCount was my son’s saving grace for two years at Oakhurst. As a shy kid with low self esteem – he gave him the courage to believe in himself!! We love you Mr. LeCount!!!

  • Michael Vajda

    Dan, c’mon you’re better than this … that headline is not even close to the substance and description of the man. He was a huge part of so many kids lives at Oakhurst and to identify him this way is misleading to say the least. A huge loss for the school and neighborhood, but as a former Gator QB I can imagine he is extremely excited for his new opportunity…I know 1 kid who is very sad he doesn’t see Mr. Lecount every morning and afternoon…

  • Michael Vajda

    Thanks for changing the headline!

  • Patsy Neal

    Mr. LeCount sounds like a wonderful teacher whom will be in Oakhurst’s Scholastic Hall of Fame. I see field trips in his future where he can interact with and mentor students again. Where do we find more like him for all our schools?

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