Commissioners sign off on holiday decorations

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt September 16, 2014
Decatur City Commissioners during their Sept. 15 meeting. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Decatur City Commissioners during their Sept. 15 meeting. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Decatur City Commissioners on Monday approved spending $107,000 on new holiday decorations.

The city of Decatur will kick in $50,000, which is included in this year’s budget, and the rest will come from the city’s Downtown Development Authority and money from the Beer Festival.

Assistant City Manager Lyn Menne told commissioners that the city bid out the decorations this year and staff selected Universal Concepts.

“We worked with another group for five years,” Menne said. “Last year we had a less than stellar performance.”

Menne said the city needs to purchase new wreaths, saying the ones the city had were purchased before the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

“We’re going back to the traditional holiday wreaths,” Menne said. “We’ll also be lighting all of the street trees. There’ll be some minimal decorating on all of the city-owned buildings.”

Menne said the company is also looking for places to recycle the older holiday decorations.

Commissioners unanimously approved the spending request, and they also approved a $209,000 change order to redirect money left over in the paving budget to pave the following streets:

– Ansley Street from Oakview Road to the west side of Kings Highway

– Repairing the area in front of the Talley Street lofts and the city’s Public Works facility

– The north side of the Sam’s Crossing bridge

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  • 1farrier2

    Funny how time changes and how commissioners love to spend money. Remember this – “During the June 2 City Commission meeting Assistant City Manager Andrea
    Arnold said Decatur taxpayers may have to spend $500,000 securing
    government buildings because of the new “Guns everywhere” law.”

    Now, let’s spend $107,000 for Christmas decorations without a blink of an eye! I’m certainly not against Christmas nor the decorations but just wondering if the “Guns everywhere” law will be blamed for this expenditure as well. After all, there is as much of a mandate on securing non secured government buildings as there is on Christmas decorations in HB60 – the so called “Guns everywhere bill”!

    • RamRoddoc

      Excellent point but it will be lost on the naïve and ignorant. The commissioners were just fine when only the criminals were the ones carrying into these areas prior to July 1st. Now that the legal lawful permitted carry holders can as well, we must spend $500K to prohibit them again.

      Another $107K for decorations is nothing when you’re spending someone else’s money. I wonder who gets this contract?

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